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Part 2: Hot Rod Carrie

I held my head down and began to pray. While I was praying, I heard a knock on my window. A man passing by saw what a frightly desperate predicarment the boys and I were in. He attached my car to his car and pulled us out. I offered to pay the stranger but he said no. The Lord would bless him for helping a lady in distress.
At supper the boys tred to tell their Dad about that mornings’ little fiesta but I managed to out talk them. The next morning the boys tried to arrange another fight over the prize but it didn’t work. I gave them a new box of ceral and the prize was at the bottom. They then sullenly got in the car. When we came to the site of our near, almost disaster; Gerald, the youngest asked: Are we going in today? I shouted: For heaven’s sake NO! We didn’t go in. However, as destiny would have it, we got behind an accident. A blue Silverado Chevy Truck ran into a Grey Volkswagon Bug and turned it upside down. A police directed traffic around the accident. We were held up just long enough to make me almost late. So as you have already guessed, I put my foot on the pedal and the pedal to the metal. The boys cheered!
That afternoon I was late getting supper on the table. The boys took their forks and started banging and shouting “Hot Rod Carrie, Hot Rod Carrie!” Their father asked: Why are you boys calling your mother Hot Rod Carrie? They answered: On Seame street there is a toothbrush that’s the fastest toothbrush in the medicine cabinet of the bathroom and I was the fastest mom on the road. It all seemed fitting. Their dad said: Not any more. I asked my husband: Does this mean you will take the boys to the babysitter from now on? He said: Heavens to bid, no. this means you will not put our boys’ lives in danger any more. I said uh hum. To myself I said: Npw that is a nice ultimatum from a person who will not lose their job if I am late.