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Part 2. The Yeast And the Dough

This is the story the grandfather told the Little girl.

Many years ago, the bakers’s great, great grand father owned this very shop. It was crowded just as it is today. The bread maker made up a special dough for the Mayor’s Daughter third  birthday.  While he was kneading the dough, before he could add the special icing, in walked some children wanting some delicious cupcakes. The bread makes was delighted to see the children because it had been a slow day money wise. Oh, the shop was crowded alright. However, the Shop was just a gathering place for the town’s folk. The bread maker decided to take care of the children personally,  so he asks his wife to finish kneading the dough,  adding the nuts and icing.

The bread maker’s wife said okay but first she had to find her apron. The dizzy forgetful  little woman eventually found her apron but by that time she  for got why she needed  it.  She was not a cook most days. Usually she waited on customers. When she remembered what her husband had ask her to do, she started kneading the dough. Then, the Telephone rang. Since she usually answered the telephone, she automatically answered the telephone. First she wiped  both of her  hands on the apron then she said, “hello,  this is your bakery Shop”.

By this time, the yeast made the dough rise.

It was a small  town and everyone knew everyone .  So, Sally the operator said Frances,   Thelma May  would like to speak to you.  In Frances usual sweet voice, she said okay Sally,  you can hang up now.  We have some private gossip to discuss.

To be continued