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Part 2 Why Do the Stars Twinkle?

I will tell you a story of a King and his family who lived on the Ivory Coast.  In that day, every one of that village lived in small round huts. That is everyone with the exceptions of the Village King and his family. Their home was a large home with long mammoth hallways filled with columns trimmed in pure gold , laced with decorative lifelike leaves made of Ivory.

King Leo, on one grand day, was in a jovial mood because his wife was giving birth. King Leo and Queen Danielle had four beautiful  girls and their best friends King Pardus & Queen Bella lived to the north of them had four handsome boys.  The two couples were inseparable.

The Royal Doctor stood outside the Palace as he handed the baby to the King declaring; it’s a boy!

The King stood outside the palace and affirmed to the subjects gathered: all hail!  It’s a boy! All of the people gathered proclaimed as they bowed: all hail!  It’s a boy!

A larger crowd assembled bellowing while bowing: all hail to King Leo and  Queen Danielle and their new born baby boy!  Showing off his baby boy, he stepped forward shouting: This child shall be called Bar jar.  He is the most beautiful baby born on the Ivory Coast. Now, go about your daily business. Queen Danielle and I must plan for his Ceremonial Blessing.   The King walked into the Palace and presented little Bar jar to the Queen as she sat in her royal bed. The village Doctor and her Ladies in Waiting stood around her admiring Baby Bar jar. The First Lady in waiting affirmed:  Bar jar indeed is the most beautiful baby born on the Ivory Coast. Just look at his handsome little royal face. Queen Danielle bowed her head in acknowledgement, and then added; we must call the distinguished village fathers in for a conference. We will ask them to invite everyone to the Ceremonial Blessing of Little Bar jar.

To be continued

King Leo said; Yes, Yes, my servants.  An invitation must go Due East, an invitation must go North East, and invitations must go South East, invitations must go Due South, South East and South West. An invitation must go Due West, North West and South West; Invitations will go North by West and North by East. However, not one invitation will go North by North for my old friends King Pardus and Queen Bella live Due North of us.