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Part 3: Madeara’s Halloween

Little Boy: Madeara, Can I just say Mars was named for the Roman god of war. Every body knows that Mars is the fourth planet in our Solar System, conspicuous for it’s red color.

Madeara: Thanks James for that very informative information.

Little Boy: You are so very, very welcome.

Madear: Now hush and let me tell my story!

Little Boy; O’k Madeara: But let me ask…. was it far, far away on the planet  Jupiter?

Madeara: No child. It was not on Jupiter.

Little Boy:  Jupiter is our 5th planet from the sun. It is a mean 483.6 million miles away.  It takes a revolution of 11.86 earth years, and it has  at  least 14 moons. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system.

Madeara: Un hur, I see exactly why your parents didn’t take you with them. You don’t know when to shut up.

Little Boy: O’k Madeara. I will shut up. But couldn’t  it had been the 6th planet from the sun? Could it be Saturn, the brown planet?  Saturn is far, far away, is’t it?

Madeara: Yes. No! It was further!

Little Boy: Further? Well probably, I figured it could have been somewhere on Saturn, the 6th planet from the sun. The second largest in our Solar System.  After Jupiter, it is a gas giant with an average radius about nine that of Earth.  NASA scientist just received their last message from a spacecraft they sent to Saturn.

Madeara: You just won’t shut up. If you weren’t my daughter’s child, I’d shut you up for good.

Little Boy: Madeara, I’m about to shut up, but if it wasn’t Saturn, was it Uranus? You know, Uranus is the seventh planet from the sun.  It has the third largest planetary radius and the fourth largest planetary mass in our Solar System.

Madeara: No James,  I didn’t know that and I don’t care if I never knew that!

Little Boy: Could it have been Neptune?

Grandfather: Hey, hold it! it is too cold on Neptune. No one can put on enough clothing to remain on Neptune.

Little Boy: Unless they were like our dogs, cats and chickens . Their clothing grow as they grow.

Madeara: You two are sick. The land far,far away is not on any of the eight planets you so smartly named, James. When I was a child   we learned nine planets. However, some smart scientist demoted Pluto. It is not a planet anymore. Maybe on Pluto their clothing will grow  like cats and dogs.

Little Boy: Madeara, I didn’t say Pluto’s or Neptune’s  inhabitants were like cats and dogs. I said Unless___Unless___.  Now Madeara  go on and tell your story.

Madeara:  I’ve lost the mood for telling stories. Tell your grandfather a story about the planets. You seem to know so much about planets. Not only that,  tell your parents to take you with them next time. Maybe you can lead a discussion at their next meeting. Since at seven years old you are “The Little Professor”.

Little Boy: Madeara, May I go trick or treating with the boys and girls when they come to get candy?

Madeara:  Heavens forbid! We are right back where we started. I told you once the answer is no. I am sure you are smart enough to spell N-O- no. My other grandchildren have better sense not to ask.  But for your information, my grandmother told me…..

Grandfather:  All shucks!  We sure are right back where we started. I’m giving all of this candy to our neighbors. No one will come to our door.  All of our lights will be turned off.  The children and I will go to  the church carnival and that’s the end of our story, and yours too. Now, go on in the house and get the rest of that candy off of your bed.  And happy Halloween, Madeara.

The End

It was brought to my attention that a human adult only has 32 teeth. The riddle should have said 32 white horses on a red hill not 36. You might have 36 if you are a vampire. (Thanks…. That lets me know you are out there.)