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Part 3: Why do the Stars Twinkle?

rt 3: Why do the Stars Twinkle?


The King continued; I forbid even one invitation be sent Due North! Do you all understand? Everyone present replied; yes, my Lord, we understand. We understand clearly. They all bowed as they spoke. King Leo then called for the printer. King Leo instructed the printer to begin at once. They must all be printed individually by hand. The printer said; as your command, your majesty.  Hear my words printer and take dictations as I speak. Duplicate these words so each king and Queen surrounding our little village receives an invitation.   Let them know they may bring as many persons from their royal court as they wish. Let them know this is a very honorable and proper occasion.  Let me repeat what I have written; blubbered the printer.

Come to King and Queen Goma‘s Ceremonial Blessing for Boy Baby Bar jar. The grand ceremony will take place the last Wednesday of the month in the grand ballroom on the East wing of the Palace.

But, old Great King Leo, please tell me why your old friends King Pardus and Queen Bella are not invited. All present gasped long and loud. Then they all cuddled up shaking in a small corner of the room.  With fire in King Leo’s eyes, he responded:  you have not heard how two years to this very year, two hours to this very hour, two minutes to this very moment, how my old friends King Pardus and Queen Bella insulted my wife and me? Oh, no, Old Great King, replied the printer. I had not heard. If it pains you, you don’t have to discuss it. I’m sorry I asked. Immediately the king leaves the room.  Queen Danielle tells the Printer; everything is okay. I will tell you everything that happened. The Printer says; no, no my lady! If it brings bad memories, don’t tell me. However, Queen Danielle misses her old friends so much. She instructs the printer to send them an invitation and for the sake of King Leo, ask them to come prepared to ask for forgiveness. One of Queen Danielle’s ladies in waiting asked; please my lady, forgiveness for what? This is when Danielle told them. While our old friends King Pardus and Queen Bella were visiting us, King Pardus made a silly remark. The first Lady-in-Lady asked; my Lady, what did he say that was so hurtful? Queen Danielle replied; he was only joking, I’m sure. The First Lady –in-Waiting wanted to know, what   did he say to  you your Royal Highness? Queen Danielle told them they said King Leo and I had four girls. It was such a dreadful thing to come from his mouth.  Second Lady-in-Waiting retorted; I don’t understand, my Lady. You see it is true. Until the birth of Baby Bar jar you did have four girls and they do have four boys! But…but….that was not all he said. He told King Leo it was not destiny for him to have a boy. You know that struck King Leo in the pride zone. Without a boy, there would be no one to carry on his legacy. Every King desires his royal legacy passed on by way of his legal heir.

to be continued