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Part 4: Come with me to Dreamland

An Elf rushes in waving his arms wildly. The Elf yells: Wait! Wait! Hey wait just one pea picking minute! Where do you think you are going with the inhabitants of this Great Enchanted Forest? Did you ask permission of the Magical Queen of the forest if you could carry away the inhabitants of her Enchanted Forest? All of the inhabitants of the forest begin to tremble and shake, as they yell: The Queen! The Queen! (Trumpets announce the arrival of the Fairy queen and her Court. Little flower girls promenade in front, dropping rose petals as they go.)
Fairy Queen Song
Hail, hail, to the fairest of all fairy queens.
Hail, hail to the fairest of all queens.
These enchanted woods are full of fairy folk’.
Whose’ pleasure it is to greet you.
Hail, hail mighty Enchanted queen.
Hail, hail, to the fairest of all queens.
The Enchanted Forest is full of your loveliness
We are always glad to see you
You are the fairest of all fairy queens!
Hail, hail to the Queen
Everybody bows low when the Queen and her Court arrives except Prince Ryan Rye and Minerva. The Queens lifts and waves her wane as she points at Minerva and The Prince. Then Prince Rye and Minerva nervously bow with eyebrows slightly arched. Quietly, but extremely hostile and stern, the Queen asks: Who gave you permission to carry off my enchanted forest? Very indignantly Minerva retorts: They want to go! Argumentatively the Queen resolutely states: What? Watch your tongue young woman or I’ll turn you both into field mice. Pragmatically, Prince Rye appeals to the Queen’s vanity and pride. Prince Rye declares: Oh great and beautiful Queen of this magnificent forest. My lady and I were off to Dreamland to be married. You have such a lovely forest. We wanted the pleasure of their company at our wedding. We would be extremely pleased if you too would honor us with your royal presence. The Queen is now taken in by flattery: Oh, I see, In that case, they have my permission to go to the wedding. If it is their desire to stay in Dreamland, it’s ok. The forest was getting a little crowed anyway. The queen claps her hand and they all stand up. The Queen point at the Elf: You! Run quickly and fetch gifts for the wedding couple. The Elf rushes off and quickly returns with a wagon load of tons of gifts.
Minerva and Prince Rye thank the Queen for the many gifts and tell all of the forest folk to make ready. They were now on their way.
song of the snails
We wont go!
oh, no, we wont go!
We wont go for we are much too slow.
to be continued…