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Part 4: How Santa Became A Legend

Mother: Go to bed Bill. Go to bed Joesetta. Santa will be here tonight.
Bill: Will Santa come to see Joesetta? He came back and took Delorish away from her because she was naughty! (Bill gets in Joesetta’s face and sings ) Oh, you’d better watch out! you’d better not pout….
Joesetta: Mother, make Bill stop!
Daddy and Mother: Children, go to sleep!
Daddy: I have no idea what Santa is going to do. What did you children learn in church today?
Bill: Christmas is not about getting. It is about giving.
Daddy: What did God give to us?
Joesetta: He gave us his only begotten Son. His son was born of a virgin, crucified, died and buried and on the third day He arose with all power in his hand.

Joesetta: Mom, I will come whenever you call me to lunch or supper. Can you talk to Santa about bringing my doll back?
Mother: I’ll see what I can do sweetheart. Go to sleep.
to be continued