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Part 5 Hot Rod Carrie

Part 5 Hot Rod Carrie
Everything went peaceful for a couple of weeks. I did not hear Hot Rod Carrie from my boys. I imagined they had forgotten about Hot Rod Carrie. The illusion of me being a Hot Rod was gone. Perhaps they had gone on to a new phase.
Richard was taking turns taking the boys to the babysitter. Life was great! Until one day I was in the kitchen making supper. Richard came home, took off his work clothes and sat down at the table reading the evening news. Richard said the boys are mighty quiet downstairs, they must be watching something awfully interesting on the Disney Channel. Very smartly, I replied: You sent the boys downstairs to watch a show so near supper time! Richard responded: You have been here with them all this time! Why did you let them go down there? Meekly I asked: Did you pick the boys up this afternoon? With surprise in his voice; Richard replied: No, did you expect me to do so?
I took off my apron in a flash and headed off flying like a Hot Rod Carrie. When I arrived at Mrs. Carter’s house she was not at home. I did not know what to do. I sat on her porch in her front porch swing holding my head in my hand. I said to myself; I am not a good mom. All sorts of crazy thoughts rushed through my mind.
Eventually, Mrs. Carter came home with my two boys. Mrs. Carter told me she had to go to the grocery store and there was no one to keep them. They had to go with her. She wished they did not but, there was no other choice. The boys had been more than a little distraction for her.
I kissed my boys and thanked Mrs. Carter for her over time service. I informed her she could tack on her overtime fees to the end of the month. Mrs. Carter said No! Just collect my boys and go.
From that time on; to keep from getting confused about who would get the boys. We coordinated our schedules by weeks. One week was mine and the other week was Richard’. The same person that took them that morning was the person to get them that afternoon.
As time pass, the boys grew up. Hot Rod Carrie was never mentioned again. Hot Rod Carrie was gone forever.