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Part 5: How Santa Became a Legend

The next day Santa left two new shinny bikes under the Christmas tree. Daddy proudly announced; one bike is for Bill and one bike is for Joesetta. Bill was very happy because he found the toys he had ask Santa to bring and Santa had not forgotten. Not only that, there were clothes that fit Bill perfectly he had not asked for. Joesetta was likewise happy to get her new bike, skates. water colors and all of her new clothes. Then Joesetta spyed a gift wrapped in news paper.

Joesetta: What is this? Who got a gift wrapped in newspaper?

Daddy: Santa must be slipping! Why would he wrap a gift in newspaper?
Mother: Open it Joesetta! We all would like to see what it is!

Joesetta opens the gift wrapped in newspaper and scream in her loudest voice.

Joesetta:It’s Delorish!

Mother: There is a note attached to her. Read it Joesetta!

Joesetta: Joesetta, Obey your parents that your days may be long on the earth. Santa
Christmas singers, and street passerbys all read ” Twas The Night before Christmas”.

The End