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Part 5&6: Come with me to Dreamland

….Part 5: Come with me to Dreamland

Minerva and Prince Ryan Rye have been in Dreamland for twenty years. After their fifth year there, they begin to have a child each year until they have seven children. They are Erector: the poet. Alga: the acrobat. Calypso: the singer. Ajax: the sword’s man. Echo: the player of musical instruments. Diana: the dancer. Juno: apparently, has no talent
A servant speaking to the parents: Princess Minerva, You and Prince Ryan Rye have been here twenty years and you have seven children. There is much talk around the kingdom concerning your talented children. The second servant speaks up: Yes, Your first born is a great writer of poetry. You must come, Erector. Read your parents a poem you wrote. Erector recites:
A Poem for my Parents

I gazed upon my mother’s face
The first face that I saw
I saw my future true and true and then I saw my pass
I saw my father’s father face, King of Dreamland
A warrior true is he
And hence my father the same
He has won many wars to protect our homeland
In our family there will be future glories
None will be made ashamed
I gazed into my mother’s face and read tomorrow’s story
I heard the winds and waves crashing over rocks and boulders
I saw the young and restless nervous and whatever
Call out to the dwellers of Dreamland
Be careful you think too much of this land and not so much of heaven
I regarded my mother’s face. Now, carefully listen, dear parents,
Then I saw true love for the inhabitants of Dreamland come to stay
Like the sun and the moon that never goes away.
I Love you Mom and Dad.

The third servant asserts they have an acrobatic child. The third servant reminds them of Alga; their second child has been wonderfully blessed with the perfection of body and mind. Perform some acrobats for your parents. Alga preforms. The fourth servant steps up and declares their third child, Calypso, can sing like a bird. Sing something pretty for your parents. Calypso sings. The fifth servant confesses: Your fourth child, Ajax, is the best sword man in Dreamland. Come servant battle with Ajax so he can demonstrate to his parents how superior he is. A servant is handed a sword so they can battle it out. Ajax quickly pens the servant down, but does not harm him. Both parents clapped proudly at Ajax’s victory. The sixth servant asked Dianna to demonstrate her dancing abilities. Diana dances. A seventh servant reminds them of Echo’s musical abilities. Echo plays a guitar for his parents. Next, an eighth servant steps forward. The eighth servant asks about Juno. What about your seventh’s child, Juno? She doesn’t seem to have a talent. Or, does she?
To be continued…………
Part 5: Come with me to Dreamland
Juno’s sisters, brothers and the entire court burst into laughter and taunt her. Shouting, Juno! Juno! Juno has no talent! They repeat it over and over. Juno starts to sob but they say it even more. Crying, Juno tries to run away from the chanters, but the more she runs, the more people in the court follow repeating over and over, Juno! Juno! Juno has no talent. The crowd chasing her causes Juno to trip and break her leg. A simultaneous sigh is heard from the court. Then, the Court Jester jumps up and says, Juno! Juno! Juno has no talent and she is a cripple too. Ha, ha, ha, then they all chant; Juno! Juno! Juno has no talent and she is a cripple too. Ha, ha, ha
Sadly Juno looks at her mother and asks: Mother, why do I not have a talent? I don’t sing. I don’t dance. I don’t play a musical instrument. I don’t do acrobats. I’m not a swordsman. I can’t write. What am I good for?
The next day, Prince Ryan makes Juno a little wagon for mobility. Juno asks Alga, her brother of towering strength, to help her lift herself up to the window. She wants to watch her sisters and brothers at play. Alga tells Juno: Why you silly girl. Why should I waste the good strength of my body to lift you up? Roll yourself out side. Exercising your arms will prove beneficial for you.
Speaking to Diana, the dancer, Juno asks: Dianna, will you please stand on you lovely toes and hand me a cup from the cupboard? I’d like a drink of water. Dianna replied: Oh, Juno, why must you always worry others? If you really want something to drink, drink from the cat’s bowl. It’s at your reach and milk is good for you.
Juno asks Erector to pick lovely flowers for her to give to their mother. It’s Minerva’s birthday. Erector’s reply was: Why should I do anything for you, Juno? What have you done for me? I will pick mother a flower. However, I will tell mother it’s from me! When Erector finishes speaking Echo enters the room. Juno asks Echo to give her a cookie from the cookie jar. Echo replies: No, cookies are not good for building strong bones. Here- chew on this-a rutabaga. At that time Calypso passes by. Juno insists on Calypso asking the royal physician to give her something for pain. Juno said the pain she had was horrendous. Calypso’s reply was; what you need is more exercise. Go get your own medicine. The trip will do you good. Speaking to all of her brothers and sisters: I am so tired, someone, please, help me to my bed. (They all make excuses not to give Juno the assistance she needs)
Juno just sits there quite unhappy, when a wasp appears behind her. The wasp speaks to Juno: Juno, get up! It’s time for you to discover your talent, Juno replies: My goodness gracious what large wasp you are. However, I’m sorry. I have no talent. But the Wasp insists: Your time is long overdue. You do have talent. Get up and discover what it is. However, Juno swears: I have no talent and I’m a cripple too. This time the Wasp is very persistent: Yes, you do have talent Juno! Rise up and be about the good fortune the gods have promised you. Juno screams: Go away! Leave me alone! Now you tell me the gods mock me too!
To be continued………………………………………………..
Part 6: Come with me to Dreamland
Juno’s song
Mr. Wasp, why have I no talent?
Why must I live this vile life?
Tell me the truth, why must I live this horrible existence?
All alone, I exist in Dreamland.
Mr. Wasp, Tell me fast
Mr. Wasp, tell me quick!!
Why I must exist in this vile, horrible land alone.
Several Wasp begin to sting Juno at once. In one accord they repeat: Juno! Juno! Its time you discover your talent. Juno began to fight the Wasp but they continue shouting: Juno! Juno! Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get up and discover your talent!
Prince Ryan and Princess Minerva watch from a distance. The Wasp continues to sting Juno so badly until she get up to get away. As they continue to sting her she runs away. It appears to Prince Ryan that she is dancing. Prince Ryan says: I know what our little girl’s talent is. She’s a dancer!