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Part 6: Come with me to Dreamland

Part 6: Come with me to Dreamland
Juno’s sisters, brothers and the entire court burst into laughter and taunt her. Shouting, Juno! Juno! Juno has no talent! They repeat it over and over. Juno starts to sob but they say it even more. Crying, Juno tries to run away from the chanters, but the more she runs, the more people in the court follow repeating over and over, Juno! Juno! Juno has no talent. The crowd chasing her causes Juno to trip and break her leg. A simultaneous sigh is heard from the court. Then, the Court Jester jumps up and says, Juno! Juno! Juno has no talent and she is a cripple too, ha, ha, ha. Then they all chant; Juno! Juno! Juno has no talent and she is a cripple too, ha, ha, ha.
Sadly Juno looks at her mother and asks: Mother, why do I not have a talent? I don’t sing. I don’t dance. I don’t play a musical instrument. I don’t do acrobats. I’m not a swordsman. I can’t write. What am I good for?
The next day, Prince Ryan makes Juno a little wagon for mobility. Juno asks Alga, her brother of towering strength, to help her lift herself up to the window. She wants to watch her sisters and brothers at play. Alga tells Juno: Why you silly girl. Why should I waste the good strength of my body to lift you up? Roll yourself outside. Exercising your arms will prove beneficial for you.
Speaking to Diana, the dancer, Juno asks: Dianna, will you please stand on you lovely toes and hand me a cup from the cupboard? I’d like a drink of water. Dianna replied: Oh, Juno, why must you always worry others? If you really want something to drink, drink from the cat’s bowl. It’s at your reach and milk is good for you.
Juno asks Erector to pick lovely flowers for her to give to their mother. It’s Minerva’s birthday. Erector’s reply was: Why should I do anything for you, Juno? What have you done for me? I will pick mother a flower. However, I will tell mother it’s from me! When Erector finishes speaking Echo enters the room. Juno asks Echo to give her a cookie from the cookie jar. Echo replies: No, cookies are not good for building strong bones. Here- chew on this-a rutabaga. At that time Calypso passes by. Juno insists on Calypso asking the royal physician to give her something for pain. Juno said the pain she had was horrendous. Calypso’s reply was; what you need is more exercise. Go get your own medicine. The trip will do you good. Speaking to all of her brothers and sisters: I am so tired, someone, please, help me to my bed. They all make excuses not to give Juno the assistance she needs.
Juno just sits there quite unhappy, when a wasp appears behind her. The wasp speaks to Juno: Juno, get up! It’s time for you to discover your talent, Juno replies: My goodness gracious what large wasp you are. However, I’m sorry. I have no talent. But the Wasp insists: Your time is long overdue. You do have talent. Get up and discover what it is. However, Juno swears: I have no talent and I’m a cripple too. This time the Wasp is very persistent: Yes, you do have talent Juno! Rise up and be about the good fortune the gods have promised you. Juno screams: Go away! Leave me alone! Now you tell me the gods mock me too!
To be continued………………………………………………..