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Part 6: LDDB

Part 6: LDDB
All during the first year of the baby girl’s life people could see she was different. Everyone took off their ragged clothes and replaced them with new fine clothes as they had done before. Now people are beginning to prepare for the future. In the little village of Meadowland, the trees returned to growing the maximum amount of what they were supposed to grow. Also, the animals went back to doing and birthing what they were supposed to do and birth. The farmers and commercial citizens went back to bartering, selling and exchanging goods and ideas as they had previously done. Meadowland was back on its feet. Meadowland was back to its high standard of living.
The Mayor Called for another town’s meeting. He told the people; we now have hope. People are again being kind to their neighbors. No longer are people hoarding what they have. One of the Mayor’s councilmen declared; yes, people feel secure enough to share. We are back to the good old days. Wow, we even trade with other communities again.
A few months went by and the mayor returned to the farmer’s home. Exclaiming, we’re just checking to see if all is well. How is our Little Saving One doing? The farmer replied as well as things can be Sir. She’s just a baby, you know. The farmer’s wife spoke shyly; she is the greatest present that has ever come to us. The farmer echoed his wife’s feelings; oh yes, she is the greatest thing that has ever come to this little village. Why, she is just the finest little baby I have ever seen. Give her time. Miracles are sure to follow. Miracles will come soon enough. The husband spoke these words boastfully. Getting a little agitated, one villager stated; I certainly hope so. Things were going substantially well as they were. Then, you and your wife came with all of your miracle talk. You said this baby of yours could bring good luck to the village. If you ask me, we didn’t need your good luck.
At that time the village doctor walked up. The doctor alleged he had noticed a slight difference between the Saving One and the other babies. The downstairs maid concurred saying; I didn’t want to say anything. But, I too have noticed how different the Saving One is. She doesn’t act at all like the other babies. My father was the village doctor and for generations my family had generations of doctors. We know how babies should behave. At birth, baby massage has been practiced in many cultures for thousands of years. Usually, babies respond through massage. Most babies gain awareness of how communication works. With Elladeebea, we have seen no response.
At this stage, most babies are active, sitting up, crawling and trying to stand. Elladeebea did none of these things. Remember it is normal for an active baby to move around a lot. Elladeebea did none of these things, nothing. The Nursery Maid said; yes, yes, I’ve tried singing songs, repeating nursery rhymes and playing all sorts of games trying to get a reaction, but thus far, no reaction. She just stares at me with no reaction at all.
After the Nursery Maid finished speaking the farmer said; of course she is different. She’s not supposed to behave like the other babies born at the same time. She is THE SAVING ONE. Remember folk. She was named by the last Soothsayer. You were told to name her Elladeebea. You said the soothsayer named us as the family that would save our little village. Have you folk forgotten so soon?