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Part 7: One Night in the Lives of Slaves

Part 7: One Night in the Lives of Slaves

Mary Jay returns with Mrs. Sullivan (white woman)

Mrs. Sullivan: Auntie Jean, are you alright?

Auntie Jean: Yes’um child. Auntie Jean is alright. I ask you to come to meet the guzs. They want you to teach them how to read.

Mrs. Sullivan: I don’t know about that Auntie Jean. You know it is against the law. I could get us all in a bunch of trouble. We will all be in Jeopardy including my husband. If anyone from the city drop by unexpectedly and caught us, why they would kill us all.

Hettie Mae: We’ll be real careful madame and we will only come to Auntie Jean’s hut after you give us a signal to come. if your husband asks you where you is going, tell him the truth. You is going to Auntie Jean’s hut. She is working on something real special for you. But, she needs your guidance.

Mrs. Sullivan: Okay, but don’t come till you get my signal.

Auntie Jean: You see chillum, dat was easy. May Jay, walk Ms. Sullivan back up to the Big House. Make show she gits back safe, you hear! (Mary Jay leaves with Mrs. Sullivan)

Auntie Jean: You see chillum you all got confused cause you didn’t…

A loud noise is heard backstage.

Normal Fay: Who is making all of dat fuss? Let me open the shutters and see what kind of tarnation is going on out in the pit dark night.

Jeannette enters the hut with several women from the plantation holding her up. Jeannette is eight months pregnant. Jeannette is crying and screaming to the top of her lungs.

Auntie Jean: Now calm yourself child. What’s the matter? You know you shouldn’t be getting yourself upset like that in your condition.

Jeannette: Lawdy, Lawdy, Auntie Jean, I can’t take no more! I JUST CAN’T!

First woman: Masa Sullivan done gone and sold this child’s man.

Everybody take a deep breath.

Second Woman: To Masa Blevins at that! The worst slave master in this here territory! ( Just then, Mary Jay returns)

Melinda, Helen, Betty, Hettie, Ethel and Sparkles all scream: Masa done sold our brother!

At this point, the story is more like “Roots”. Many changes happen, however in the end they all survive by trusting in the Lord. If you are interested in the ending
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