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Part 7: Why do the Stars Twinkle?

Part 7: Why do the Stars Twinkle?
As day follows night and night the day, the Royal Physician’s mind became more and more jaded. Finally, he could not sleep nor eat anything. He felt he must do something. As you might have guessed, he packed a little bag of witchery one night and rode up to King Pardus’ Palace. The Nursery was not hard to find but the Royal Nurse took little Princess Taylor to the Royal Kitchen to nurse her from her own breast.
King Leo’s Royal Physician returns home sadden by the fact he had not avenged the death of his beloved Royal Queen. Never-the-less, as the days passed he noticed how happy his King was with the renewed friendship of King Pardus. He decided not to attempt the awful trick again.
As the years passed each of King Leo’s daughters married into King Pardus and Queen Bella’s family. The two families became closer than ever. They were all very happy. All of King Leo’s girls were married with the exception of Carman. She had dedicated her life to taking care of the Black Panther. She loved him more and more each day.
One of King Leo’s servants remarked how nice it would have been if little Bar jar had lived. Prince Bar jar would be the right age to marry Princess Taylor.
King Leo commenced to worry about his daughter, Carman. He thought I must get rid of the Black Panther. Many a young prince besides King Pardus’ son has asked for her hand. She pays no attention to any young man. Her only concern is the exclusive welfare of that panther. Carman grew up to be quite tall and elegant. Everyone speaks of the dignified way she carries herself. The house servants said Carman had become obsessed with the Black Panther. King Leo made the decision while Carman was at her studies to let the Black Panther go.
One of the Royal Subjects took Bar jar as far out into the jungles as possible in hopes Bar jar could find his mother or someone in his family.
Bar jar was scared and lonely. He didn’t know what to do. He had never hunted for food. All of his food was cooked in the Royal kitchen. He had never eaten anything raw. Bar jar had never lived in the wild. He didn’t know where to sleep. He had always slept at the foot of Carman’s bed. Bar jar wonders and wonders until he fell asleep in some high bushes. He didn’t know where he was. He knew he was near a village because he could hear human voices and he could smell good food cooking.
Later that same morning, Princess Taylor was taking her morning stroll with her bodyguards when she stumbled upon Bar jar.
One bodyguard raised his spear to kill the large beast, but Princess Taylor would not allow him to kill Bar jar. Princess Taylor recognized the Black Panther as the pet of Princess Carman. She instructed her guards to carry the beast to the palace and feed him from the table.
To be continued