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Part 8: Why do the stars Twinkle?

Part 8: Why do the stars twinkle?

Princess Taylor hid the panther from her father because she didn’t want Princess Carman to know the panther was at her palace. She knew how much Princess Carman loved her pet and Princess Taylor didn’t want to cause any friction between the two families. Neither did she want to give him up. Princess Taylor wanted his whereabouts to remain a secret. She did not want to start a clash between the two families.
Princess Taylor had been told the frightening tale of how before her birth King Leo and Queen Danielle lost their only boy child. A little black panther was found in his crib. The result of the disappearance of the baby was the final straw. Her parents had gone to Bar jar’s Ceremonial Blessings without an invitation from King Leo. The strain of all the other events resulted in the lost of their friendship.
After much thought, Princess Taylor decided to name the panther Bar jar. Bar jar was very appreciative to Princess Taylor for rescuing him from the wild jungles and giving him a name. He was always called little black Panther by King Leo’s family. Right away Princess Taylor and Bar jar fell in love.
One day Princess Taylor told the Royal Guards they did not have to go on the morning stroll with her. Princess Taylor told them she felt more than safe with Bar jar. The Guard men stayed in the palace. As Bar jar and Princess Taylor went walking, The jungle drums from a neighboring village began to beat. Princess Taylor began to dance and so did Bar jar.
Princess Taylor was full of excitement to see her new friend dance so well. Princess Taylor spun around and around faster and faster. Her frenzy became so outrageous; finally she dropped to the ground. Bar jar asked her if she was all right. Princess Taylor sat up, looked around and asked in a frightening voice; who said that. Bar jar sat on his hunches, looked directly into Princess Taylor face and asked again; May I help you? This time Princess Taylor saw Bar jar’s mouth moving. She could not believe her ears. Now she inquired, who taught you to talk? No one was his answer. I learned to talk the same as you. I learned by hearing words spoken around me. Then why have you never spoken before, she further inquired. My family endured so many shocks, I did not want to shock them any more by speaking. I hoped the Royal Physician would come back and change me back into a boy. Oh, good grief cried Princess Taylor, he is dead now! There is a saying in our village: Only the one who played the trick can undo the trick. Is the village doctor who was the doctor at time of your birth still there? Bar jar answered; yes he is. Then we will go tonight said princess Taylor.
To be continued