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Part 9: Why do the Stars Twinkle?

Part 9: Why do the Stars Twinkle?

While the house whole slept , Bar jar and Princess Taylor slipped up to King Leo’s Palace. Unknowly, they were followed by Princess Taylor’s unmarried brother who desperately wanted to marry Princess Carman. The two forlong lovers found the old Royal Physician who was the physician at the birth of little Prince Bar jar. Princess Taylor explained the entire mistake that was done and asked if he could turn Bar jar back to a boy. He tried and he tried. The old adage was true. Only the one who played the nasty trick could undo the nasty trick. He couldn’t because he was dead. Sadly, they all went home.

Princess Taylor was overcome with grief by her adventure to the point she could scarely eat or drink. Her brother was broken hearted as well because he wanted to present her brother to his bride. The families were busy with the preparations for the big wedding date until no one noticed how sad Pricess Taylor had become. At last, her father noticed how sad the Princess behaved. He asked one of his servants what was wrong with his daughter. The servant explained to him she had been taking care of a new pet she had found. At first, the pet brought her happiness and joy. Now she seemed sad whenever she saw him. Her queasiness had something to do with the pet. However, he didn’t know what. Her father demanded the servants get rid of the pet.

Again, Bar jar was taken away from a palace. Again, he had to fend for himself. Bar jar never learned to hunt in the wild or eat raw food. Princess Taylor wanted to know where they had taken him. No one would tell her. Therefore, she ran off looking for him unaided. Her brother, the groom ran after Princess Taylor. Princess Taylor called and called until Bar jar finally heard her calling. Bar jar ran toward her voice howling as loud as he could. Princess Taylor heard his howls and ran as fast as she could toward his voice. Her brother, the groom ran as fast as he could after Princess Taylor. Her father and his men ran as fast as they could toward the sound of the panther’s voice. When Bar jar and Princess Taylor met, King Pardus gave the orders for his men to kill Bar jar. At that moment, a funny thing happened. As King Pardus’ men raised their spears to kill Bar jar, Princess Taylor’s brother stepped between the two. He explained what had happened to his father. His father told him to tell King Leo they had found his child. King Leo told the girls they had found their brother. The love of the two families turned Bar jar into a man. They had a doubble wedding.
The wedding was the happiest the two families had ever known They all danced and twirled so joyously, the two kingdoms ended up in they sky. Now,
when anyone happen to see the stars twinkling, the people say it is the families of King Leo and King Pardus.

The little said; Grandpa, is that true. Slowly Grandpa got off his rock and said; that’s what they say.

The End