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Sometimes Travelling is a big Headache

I should not complain about holiday travelling, but I will. We go from one city,town, state or country to another city, town, state or country for the privilege of saying I traveled during the holidays. We go by car, train, airplane or boat. Some of us travel with our children and our pets. It’s okay if you are travelling with children and pets in your private accommodations. It becomes problematic when you are travelling on a public train, bus, plane or boat.
Your ears may have adjusted to all of that bazaar noise. However, consider your fellow travelers, the noise may present an annoyance problem for them. In case you don’t know, your baby and your pet’s poof stinks. Your nose may have become blind to the odor. But, the public’s nose has not. Don’t leave your baby in the care of someone else, but put your pet in a kennel. Yes, I know the pet or pets are a part of your family, but they are not a part of mine. To you, they are cute little people with four legs, but to me they are just pet-z pets. If it is a good Pet boarding home, they will be okay until you return. In fact, they will give you more love because you gave them time to miss you. Take pictures of your pet(s) to show your family and friends. They will appreciate the pictures much more than they will enjoy seeing them. If you choose to take them, you nor your pets may be invited back. People are funny that way. They love their own pets not yours.
They might tell others we loved having him/her here for the holidays, but he/she disrupted our lives with her/his pet-z pets. Don’t invite him/her unless you want extra company. Where ever he/she goes, they go together. He/she don’t scold them either. He/she will sit there and watch them chew or scratch up your family or friends’ sofa and think what they are doing is cute. IT IS NOT CUTE! When the holiday ends, everyone will breath a sigh of relief and say thank heavens it’s over.
Now, about that baby. I suppose you’ll just have to take that pet-z little baby with you. Grandmother and grandfather will never forgive you if you leave him/her in the care of the Nanny. To make Grandma and Grandpa happy, you’ve got to bring that crying, diaper changing product evacuation from the bowels BABY.
When you leave, don’t forget to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Carrie Ware