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The Advance keep advancing

The closer it gets to the time of release the more excited I become.

The Advance is about a man down on his luck. He finds a job at a Clinic called The Advance. The clinic has problems of its own. Joe tries to ensure the jobs of his fellow employers and another problem just as authentic prohibits Joe’s assistance.

This story came out of absolute desperation for me to prove to myself that I still possess the mental capacity to state logical ideas in legitimate order. I sat down to write after my car accident that took the lives of my husband and son. This story in no way depicts the life of anyone in the real world. Joe was thrown into unsettling circumstances due to a state of affairs beyond human control. In his efforts to make things right; he became involved more than he desired to be with the problems of others. Their problems became his own. When unfortunate occurrences or situations occur in our mist, sometimes the only support we should give is prayer.
However, by Joe being one of many Holy Spirit Feel men, he spoke up at the right time. Joe offered a shoulder for his friend, Mr. Howard, without strings attached. We know a real prayer partner will not allow an individual going through difficult times (If they are aware of the problem or not) to face the problem alone. We must all defer to “FAITH” and faith will move mountains. I don’t remember who wrote this, but my husband always sang

Payer is the key to heaven
But, faith unlocks the door
Words are so easily spoken, but prayer without faith
Is like a boat without an oar.
Have faith when you speak to the master
That’s all he ask you for
Prayer is the key to Heaven, but faith unlocks the door.
How many times have you prayed for something
Great or small?
How long did you have to wait or did the answer
Come at all?
Words are mere expressions of hope and nothing more
Believing is what counts and faith unlocks the door.
So have faith when you speak to the Master
That’s all He ask you for
For prayer is the key to heaven
And faith unlocks the door.
Read “The Advance”, understanding how innocently Joe became involved in his friend’s problem. Sometimes going against the grain is hard to do. People may call you uncooperative. You may be called many things that are not complimentary. However, sticking to God’s Rules pays off in the end. There is a quick way where the road is wide and easy. There is also another way were the road is ruff and narrow. As James Cleveland once sang; nobody told me that the way would be easy. I can’t believe He brought me this far to leave me. As Joe did, make Christ the center of your life. Things will miraculously work out for your good.