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Part 4. The Yeast And the Dough

Frances made the Mayor’s wife a flesh new batch which were even better than the batch the Bread Maker had made.  The Bread Maker and the Mayor’s wife were none the wiser.

Frances thought she had successfully gotten away. Frances wanted to sell the larger cookies for a higher price.  She sold one cookie to a little girl and the little girl took a bite. The little girl turn up her little nose. She then asks her brother two years her senior, if he would take a bite.

The cookies taste so bad, the baker’s wife had to threw them out.  The garbage

ant got in the cookies. They taste so bad, the ant mothers would not let their children eat any. They told their children the garbage collectors would soon come and take the cookies to the land field. Maybe, the roach mothers would let their children eat them. When the little roaches saw the cookies, they immediately began to eat. Once the taste of  the cookies entered their  little stomachs, they did not want any more.  The mothers told them to leave the cookies for a family of  Worms they saw  crawling their way toward the cookies.  The children of Mrs. Worm said: Mom,  are you sure these are cookies! They feel like hard rocks. Therefore, the children of Mrs.Worm would not eat the cookies.  At that time, a tired  looking Fly flew by. Mrs. Worm told her children it looked as though Mrs. Fly was looking for some place to rest.  She looked like a fly  in family way.  Ms. Worm figures if Mrs. Fly could have her little maggots on the cookies, after their  paupa  dropped, they might eat the cookies. However , after their  couple of days surrounded by the pupa larvae dropped, they just flew away. They did not want the cookies.

Word eventually  got back to the Baker what his wife had done. He made a new batch and took a picture to remind his wife what she had done. That Is why that pictures is still on the  wall today with no price. That is why the Baker’s Wife   sits at the cash register. Since that day, Bakers do not allow their wives In the kitchen.


The End







Part 3. The Yeast and the Dough

Thelma May and Frances talked and talked. Meanwhile, the dough kept rising. When the bread maker’s wife got off of the telephone, the dough had doubled its usual size.  Instead of making the usual bunch of cookies, she made twice the number of cookies  she usually made.

Frances meant to put the cookies In the oven right away, but a bunch of wood cutters came in and distracted her. Meanwhile, the Cookies rose some more.  There were so many  woodcutters until Frances was needed up front to take orders. The bread maker and his wife provided such good service until the woodcutters stayed until closing time. The cookie dough rose some more.

Frances fell so guilty about making so many cookies without her husband’s knowledge, she told him to go home. She would clean up the shop alone. After cooking all of her cookies, Frances had a Little left, she decided to makes samples.

The next day the Mayor’s wife, came for her cookies. The bread maker’s wife told her They were not ready yet. She would bring them to her when They were ready.

To be continued