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Do WE Recognize Signs?

I was thinking back when my grand-daughter was three years old and still in kindergarten.  It was my day to pick her up after school. I decided that particular day was a good day to teach her the meaning of the traffic lights.

RED LIGHT, red light, what do you say?

I say stop and stop right away

YELLOW LIGHT yellow light, what do you mean?

I mean wait until the light turns green.

GREEN LIGHT, green light, what do you say?

I say GO, but first look both ways.

RED,YELLOW and GREEN, now I know what the traffic lights mean.

As we were riding along my grand-daughter started noticing other drivers.

With a perfectly air of disgust, she looked at me and said: the people in this city don’t know their signs and colors, Nana! I chuckled at what she said but I recognized there was a bit of truth in what she said.

Just the other day I was looking at the traffic light and thinking, it is a sign telling us when to go and when to stand still.  As Christians, we receive signs by reading the bible. It tells us when to go and when to stand still. Either the drivers don’t know their colors or they don’t recognize their meaning.  As christians , we want to go somewhere,  do something,  or get something and we don’t recognize the signs that God provides for us. The sign maybe GO and go right away. Then again the sign might say WAIT until I give you the green light. Then again the sign may say STOP and wait for a sign from me. Red, yellow and green, read your bible and know what the signs mean.

The Lord may give you a sign in a dream. In some instances the sign may come in a conversation.  The person talking may be unaware that he/she has just answered a prayer. Our physiologist  and our ministers are often helpful in working out our problems. They both ask questions to get to the root of the situation.  In the end, by saying the situation out loud in the presence of someone  else, we solve our own problem. I am not saying we don’t need the physiologist or the minister. We need them because the schools train the physiologist and the Lord trains ministers to ask the right questions. In some situations medications may be needed.  Whatever is needed, if we are in tune with the right signs, we will know when to stay, wait, or when to go.

Thinking Back

Some of us can look back for a far distance. Some of us not so much. I have a long distance of time to ponder over.  My parents would disagree with me. My Mom was 94 when she passed away and my dad was 104.  It doesn’t seem like it, however it has been 76 & 1/2 years for me. I have lived through some turbulent  times.  Then again, I can say I have lived through some happy times.  It’s all in the way you look at it. Some see the glass as half empty and others see the glass half full.

When I was a little girl we sang a song in elementary school call “Fa la la la”. The song says

Some think the world is made for fun and foley, and so do I.  And so do I.

Some think it is wise to be all melancholy. To pine and sigh, to pine and sigh.

But  I , I love to spend my time in singing. Some joyous song, some joyous song.

To set the air with music gayley ringing. it’s far from wrong. It’s far from wrong

Harken, harken, music sounds afar. Harken, harken, music sounds afar. Tra la la la.

Tra la, la , la. Tra la, la, la. Joy is everywhere tra la la la la la la la.

Give away some of your sunshine these cold winter months. Tra la la la. Tra la la la.

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Happy New Year!

I have been told that 2020 is going to be a great year!  We certainly  hope is just what the doctor ordered  to make that happen. There will be more fairy-tales for the younger readers as well as other little tidbits for  older readers.  If you have an interesting  story you would like to share, please email it to me at It would be a pleasure for us to publish your work.

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One More Week!

We will return next week.!!!!!


We shall continue

For the last couple of weeks we have been interrupted

Hopefully,   we can return very soon  to

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Reread some of the fairytales you have read before.  The story I worked on had so many different interesting  twist in developing, I couldn’t make up my mine how to develop  the story.  Reread some of the old stories.  See you next week!!!

Part 3: The Beavers

Using her tail to navigate, Betty made it over to Bill. Betty ask: Honey, is anything wrong?  Bill answered sadly: I didn’t want the other Beavers to think I was a wimp.  I have been stuck in this thicket patch since morning.  I thought at first I could get out of this situation by myself. Everyone else was so busy no one noticed me immediately. The kids kept coming over to pile more and more brush and sticks on my tail. I couldn’t get lose. I tried biting myself out. That didn’t work. My head was too far away from the briar thicket.

I’ve been here before you saw me early this morning. In fact, I was the first Beaver to start work on the dam. I was too embarrassed to ask for help. Betty said: oh honey, you should have ask for help. The other Beavers wouldn’t have mind.  All the girls thought you were a lazy Beaver. I’ll go get you help.

While Betty was gone for help Bill thought “sure they did. I knew Betty would eventually come over. I was hoping the two of us could get me out without the knowledge of anyone else”.

However, to Bill’s discomfort, all the Beavers came over to help. One old Beaver noticed Bill was not in a briar patch. He was caught in some bob wire thrown in the water by a careless boater.  A human, being carelessly and wastefully had thrown wire in the water. That is why we need laws to protect us. Soon all of the other Beavers helped free him. We need a Beaver like “Yogi Bear” on our side. Bill had help from even the little Beavers.

Betty said: Ladies, you were wrong about my man! He is a smart, cleaver Beaver! I was always on his side. It is better to be on the right side of wrong than to be on the wrong side of right. The children yelled, hip, hip hooray! Hip, hip hooray!



Part 2: The Beavers

Another Beaver added: if he continue to sit there, he might starve himself to death. Then she will be free. Down the river, around the bend, there is a widow Beaver with nine little Beavers. The entire family witnessed the mother get trapped by a trapper. I’m told he was  horror-stricken. He would be an excellent catch for her. I’ve been told he is one of the greatest carpenters in the world. Other animals depend on him, his colony as well as ours to make habitats for them. With our help, he provides food for his colony as well as other animals.  They all agreed he would be a perfect catch for her. Since we don’t hibernate, we need to provide food for our colony as well as other vegetarian animals when the snow comes.

The nerve of her husband! Just watching us work our flat tails off preparing for winter. He won’t even use his tail like the rest of us as a rudder for swimming. Since he is not doing any work,  he doesn’t need to use it as a prop  to help him stand up. I bet he wish he had used it during the cold winter months as a storehouse of fat when the snow comes.  Poor Betty, look at her and the children work. Look, look at the children slapping their little tails in the water playing while they are working. Someone needs to tell her to stop them. A Beaver slapping its’  tails on the surface of water can also mean there is danger nearby. We would not want to confuse the workers.

Enough is enough shouted one old mother.  I will take it on myself to have a talk with Betty. All of this gossip is getting out of control. Betty, Sweetheart, come here! Is your husband okay? Check on him! Something is wrong.


to be continued…..


The Beavers

Mother Beaver was extremely busy getting her house ready for winter. She told Daddy this is more than a family project. This is a community project. All of the Beavers in their colony  were preparing for winter. Most father Beavers don’t have to be told to do their part of wintering their own domain, For the most part, readying the home and common community habitat  just comes natural.

Beaver’s  impoundments or homes are built under water to keep away predators such as coyotes, wolves, bears and to provide easy access to food during winter. Beavers are vegetarian. Being a vegetarian makes it hard to find food during cold months.  That is why Mother was so upset with father. Father knew winter was on its way. Yet, he was as nonchalant as a bug on a rug. Mother Beaver was extremely troubled. Father Beaver was completely out of character.

Other fathers were cutting down timbers and trees for dams and canals, or helping to  build a lodge for the community. Mother told her children: your father’s great engineering skills are just going to waste. We try not to get caught up in anger  because humans use our castoreum from our bodies to make perfume for women. But your father is making me sick.  Humans  have very little appreciation  for the work we do purifying the water for all species who make use of the lakes and streams. We need  a mascot like Yogi the Bear. Yogi the Bear has made humans aware of the forest. We need a mascot to encourage humans to help take care of our oceans, rivers and lakes.

None of the the other fathers complained. They had not noticed that Father Bill was not doing his  fair share of the work. One of the Mother Beavers did notice. She mentioned her observation to one of the other mothers. They all begin to gossip. It was gossiped among the lady Beavers that Betty had married a lazy Beaver.  No one could truthfully accused him of being ” A busy Beaver”.  All of the women chuckled behind Betty’s back. One Mother Beaver said: Her Mother should have warned her. We mate for life. I guess she is just stuck with him.


to be continued…..

When Ungodly Measures are Used

When ungodly measures are used to measure godly people, great mistakes are usually made.  In some cases the ungodly is not versed in scripture. In other cases the trouble remains with the ungodly knowing the scripture too well. They Know it without doing it.

Because of their knowledge, the ungodly make the mistake of feeling superior. They Feel superior intellectually, spiritually and financially.  What a big surprise for them when  they discover  they are  wrong.

Somehow the Sadducean and the Pharisees syndrome  slips in.  The word  teaches we are not to treat others as they treat  us but treat others the way  you wish to be treated.