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Wait for Me!

 My older siblings were happy to get on the truck on Saturday after spending all week in school. At the time I was not school age. I watch each week after week the older children in the neighborhood run for the truck.  The driver was a white man and he never waited for anyone.
All I knew about the truck was it picked up children on Saturday and the children ran to make sure they did not get left. The children left singing and they return  home singing.  They would come home with money most of the time.  Occasionally,  it was quite a bit of money. My older siblings could keep the money they made except for the 10% they gave to the church. Our father, the BIG spender,  gave each of us 15 cents for an allowance. We gave 10% of that to the church.  Ten present of  .15 is 0.015 Since there is no way one could give 1/2 cent,  two of the .15 cent went to the church. To make sure the two cent went to the church, my father would give the two cents to the church for us and we got .13 cents per/week in allowance. The older children were glad to get on the truck.
One Saturday, as I waited with my mother, my sisters and brother for the truck,  I asked where did the truck take them.  I wanted to go too. My brother told me I was too little to go with the big boys and girls and I needed to stay at home with my mother.  I thought I was big enough and I should go also.  Mother told me they were going to pick cotton.
When my oldest  sister return home,  not making as much as the sister next to the her, my older sister was not a happy camper. She told me picking cotton was no fun.  She had to drag the big, long  bag  around,  pick the cotton from the plant, place the cotton in the bag, fill the bag and take the bag to them to weigh the bag to get her money.   Upon hearing all they had to do to get their money, I never ask to get on the truck again.