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What Can We Do About Josette?

What Can We Do about Josette?

In the fall, birds would migrate to warmer weather before winter. Josette lived in north Alabama. Alabama is south of where the birds migrated from, but it was not as far south as the birds would go. In the spring of the next year they would migrate home. You could always tell the time of the year by the birds’ migration. You could always tell the direction; North, South, East & West by the direction the birds took.
Little Josette loved to welcome the bird each year. When Josette turned six, it was the very same scenario. Josette sat on the front porch in a big rocker waiting for the birds. When she turned seven and eight the birds had officially sat a pattern. They made a stop-over in Mr. Patterson’s big tree, next door, for the night and a stopover in Josette’s yard for food.
Josette would get extremely excited the first signs of autumn and spring. She knew time for the bird’s arrival was getting near in the fall, and she knew spring break was getting near in the spring. Autumn also provoked enthusiasm in Josette’s heart because she knew a new school year was starting and the birds were coming,
Mother made a ton of loaves of homemade wheat bread. The family would slice off a piece of bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But, when the birds came daddy had to go to the store to buy sliced bread because Josette gave mother’s bread to her guess that spent the night in Mr. Patterson’s tree.
Daddy was so disappointed in Josette. The bread that mother cooked could smell up the entire street. It was just that good. Sliced bread from the store was not nearly as good. The birds listened carefully to Josette getting a whipping, but they would not fly away. They knew the next day Josette would be out there throwing bread in spite of here whipping. Daddy and Mother gave up. Mother started baking bread for the birds and baking bread for the family. Eventually Josette and her family moved away from that house and unfortunately, Josette never saw those birds again.