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What does it all Mean?

what does it all Mean?

It is not hard for me to get confused. However, I am totally confused by what I heard on the radio and what I see on TV. A large number of countries view us as a priviledge society, even the African American. Our behavior dictates priviledge. Our religion dictates priviledge. Our form of government dictates priviledge. That is why everyone and his brother desire to come here and bring that part of their government they like best with them. Never-the-less, it does not work that way. There are some who believe one group or another should take over the American way of life.
That has me terribily confused. As African Americans, we do not want to take over by excluding anyone. What we as a people want is inclusion. Many of us are Christains. We are followers of Christ. We believe his teachings. We believe neither Jew or gentile, neither free or bondage, male or female, white or non-white has the right to dictate to others how they must live.
Several years ago I attended a graduation. The speaker, at the time of those graduating worked at the institution. He told the graduating class he watched them as wide eyed, afraid and goofy looking freshman enter the school. Now he returns four years later and find them wide eyed,goofy looking, afraid with stinking thinking leaving the school.

That class is well on its way of becoming the America we would all love to have. The good looking and the not so good-looking, white and none white, rich and not so rich, lots of those who think outside the box and a few stinking thinkers make up America.

Maybe it would be less confusing if we could fine, define and refine those who want to enter our nation and become amalgamated into the American way. We are a privileged nation for all.