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What is truth?

We ask ourselves, what  is the truth?  The truth is actually a continuum of our life. Sometimes we place it in the back of our mind. In one of our most distressful moments, it comes out to haunt us. We can never dismiss it because it is the truth. Why not tell the truth at the very beginning or try not place yourself in a position where the truth  may arise. If one finds himself/herself  backed against the wall,  rather than lie on an innocent person,  simply say use your own judgement. You may be right or you may be wrong. That is too ridiculous for me to even comment. Never lie. The truth always catches up and strangles you.

It was at least fifty years ago, a very married man ask me for a date. I said no. He had what most women would die for. He was tall, rich as any black man was at that time, handsome with  a reputation  for  getting whatever he wanted. I suppose at first it didn’t mean anything to him that I said no. I was just a little annoyance to him. How dare I said no to him. Eventually I was told if I didn’t submit it would be spread around that I liked an alternate life style. Of course that was devastating to hear. His words were widely disseminated.  At that time people were less tolerant of people who lived alternate life styles. However, I stood my ground, I still said no.  My Mom was no help. She said is that all he said. Stop crying, as you grow older there will be worst things said about you.

The gentleman who was no gentleman is not around any more. However he did start the rumor which was a vicious lie. Today, as an old woman, I am still defending my truth. I am not now nor have I ever been a home breaker nor do I live an alternate life style.

For him,  ego played a healthy part.  At any cost to any one who feels they are right, one thing I am sure of.  God is watching everyone. There are times an escape goat is needed. The individual must be told, look further. I am not your escape goat. When I was a child. there was a song that said “You have the wrong party, hold the phone. You are just an old smarty, hold the phone”.  We may manage to hide our trues from our friends and love ones but you  can’t hide from God.  For some of the women in the Me Too camp, the truth came thirty or forty years late but they are now able to say- Me Too.

Power endures for a minute, but God is forever. Truth may lie dormant for a while but like the phoenix,  the “truth” will rise.