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What Shal I Give?

Christmas is almost here. Some parents are able to give their children everything they want and some parents can not. There are some parents who can afford to give their children everything they want but have decided it is unwise to do so. Then, there are some parents who are just cheap. For the parents who have decided it is unwise to give children everything they ask for and for the parents who are just cheap, you may give your child a free computer game. If there is a computer in the house, download a free computer game. Children love games. Google, windows, safari, Chrome and other computer accessible entities, offer free games.
I spent the Thanksgiving Holidays with my sister who is a paramour scrabble lover.
There are people who attend the center where she goes daily, who are just as gong hoe about scrabble as she is.
When I got back to Alabama, I thought it would be a great idea to put scrabble on my computer to keep my granddaughter from saying she is bored when she comes over. Of course, I wanted to try it out before saying anything to her. I played against the computer. I was winning and everything went well until the computer started cheating. I know there are people who complain about fake news but no one complains about a computer using fake words. I said okay, two can play at this game. I used a fake word and the computer said oops, you used a word that is not in the dictionary. I wanted to say oops, so did you. I looked in Webster’s Dictionary and I couldn’t find your word. At the time, I couldn’t find my scrabble dictionary. Later I found the scrabble dictionary. Sure enough, It was there. The computer and the scrabble dictionary have a thing going on.
Sometimes the better judgement is to sacrifice and get that toy. If you can’t do that give your love. The word said it best, “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believe in Him , shall not perish but have everlasting Life”. Give the best gift of all. Give your children your LOVE.