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What Was in Your Grandma’s Pocketbook?

What was in your Grandmother’s Pocketbook?
Remember back in the good old days when you went to church with Grandma? While church was in sessiom you started to caugh. Grandma handed you a piece of red and white mint and it taste just like the perfume that was at the bottom of her purse. Oh man, those were the good old days. The preacher would stand at the pulpit and hoop and holler “Our Savior is Born”! You thought great! Now Santa Clause will get here. They tell me Santa will never die either. Boy! Those were the good old days.
Little did I know those were the days preceding the good old days. Today I saw The Colors of Christmas at church. For some, Christmas is a sad time of the year. Some of our love ones have transitioned to their eternal home. For some they are missed to the point it brings tears to their eyes. For others, greed is our Christmas. The more we get, the more we want. Still there are others who have habits that can not be shaken. The person may recognize this habit is not good for him/her, yet he/she can’t shake it. There were other faults we as humans have but have little or nothing to do with the true meaning of Christmas. That was what the play writer was telling us. We get caught up with many of the wrong trappings.
If we continue to suck on Grandma’s candy, if we can get pass the initial shock of the perfume taste, we could come to the healing of our cough. Grandma intended for us to get to the mint that would stop our cough. Regardless if it was Avon or some other perfume Grandma could afford, at first we wanted to spit it out. However, there was no place for us to spit. If there had been, we knew better because Grandma carried a switch. It’s the same today. Forget about all of the trappings of Christmas. Focus on the Savior’s Birth.The taste of what may heal us may not be to our liking, yet if we stick through it like Paul,we will become better for it. God never meant for man to suffer. Nor does God desire for us to yield to wrongdoings to forfeit  suffering.  However, there are times we will suffer. If we try to outsmart God. He will see to it we will suffer true suffering.
Our Pastor reminded us we have already received the greatest gift. When we received Christ in our lives, we received God’s most precious gift to the world. Let go of the past, embrace the new. Allow God to lead us all the way. This website was not set up to exhort one belief over another. Never-the-less, let God into your life today.