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Who are the Old Timers?

Who are the old timers?

A couple of days before Christmas. Bell tone Inc. sent me a Christmas Card. The jest of the card read: Sleigh bells ring, can you hear them? I didn’t know what to make of the card since Bell tone had given me a clean bill of health a few days earlier.

A few days before I received my card, Bell tone sent an advertisement card in the U.S. mail for me to come check my hearing. I was told, by my son, I must have a hearing lost because I often had to ask people to repeat what they said. I assumed he might be right because at water aerobics a lady
behind me invited me to go and have coffee with her and some more ladies after our class. I didn’t hear her. I had to be told someone was talking to me.
More than just a little dismantled by that card, I decided to take actions into my own hands. I talked with others with children in their forties and above and asked them did they fell sometimes their children were intentionally mumbling. Everyone agreed, sometimes children are mislead. They read all sorts of misleading stuff on the internet about the older generation that just is not true. If that misguiding stuff is not stopped, we will all find ourselves in the doghouse.
I’m beginning to think I’m getting just like my Dad. He once told me he went back to Union Springs, Alabama, the place where he grew up. He would always call on an old friend of his. From time to time he would ask about old man so-in-so. Each year a different old man so-in-so would die. Finally, all the old men were gone. The last time he mentioned old man so-in-so, his friend ask Dad, did he realize they were the old men now?
Maybe that’s what the children are waiting on. They are out of luck. The modern day old person take too many vitamin D pills.