Chasing the Light

I have a new cat. I call him Spotty because he is spot on. The other day Spotty and I went to the Vet.. This was Spot’  first visit  and I was a little nervous for him.  Spotty was given to me by a friend who had befriended Spotty’ mother who was a stray. Spotty was born outside. Previously he had always lived outside and I wanted to make him an inside cat.  Spotty did not appreciate the things I was trying to do for him. His doctor’s visit cost more than mine.

One of the things his doctor  did for him was to give him a red light for fun. The light was more enjoyable for me  than it was  for Spotty. I could shine the light anywhere I wanted to shine it.  Spotty would chase and chase but he could never catch the light. Spotty found this to be very frustrating.

This is the way your earthly friends will do you.  They will shine a golden carrot before you . You can chase and chase but you will never catch it. I am so glad I serve a living God. I can follow His light anywhere and  He will reward me. You will be   frustrated if you follow man’s light. But God will never disappoint nor frustrate you.

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