Christina, The Innocent Little Rabbit

Once there was an innocent  little rabbit name Christina who tried her best to be kind and helpful to all she met. When the other little rabbits went under Farmer Browns ‘s fence and ate his carrots, she would warn them not to do that. After Farmer Brown went to market, he would give all of the animals on his farm and in the wild   as much as they wanted. In fact, Farmer Brown’s vegetables were the most delicious vegetables in all of the county. Christina heard one of the young rabbits ask his mother for more delicious. Farmer Brown’s vegetables were delicious. In actuality, they could find plenty of good food growing in the wild. Sure. it was more convenient to get whatever they needed  by stealing from Farmer Brown. That’s how they always did it and that’s the  way they felt it should be done.  If a new rabbit moved into their neck of the woods, the new rabbit had to follow suit if it wanted to be accepted.

One old master rabbit said he had done all he could to get Christina to cooperate, but he failed miserably.  He told the group they had to frame Christina.  Let’s make up lies about her. Make her so dislikeable no one would believe anything she says.  Then thusly,  all the little rabbits will follow us into Farmer’s Brown garden.  Of course Farmer Brown knew what the old rabbits were doing.   Farmer Brown would let the young rabbits eat as much as their stomach could hold.  On special holidays, Farmer Brown would be waiting with his rifle and bow & arrow to pick off a young juicy rabbit for him and his family.

Meanwhile, the older rabbits were convincing everyone Christina had become senile. Every temptation offered was ignored. Only a mechanical rabbit could resist the type of temptation submitted to Christina. No one knew how she did it,  but she did! Once everyone had been convinced Christina was senile, other degrading scenarios were thrown in.

None of that stopped Christina from spreading her truths. She knew if  the little rabbits didn’t stop crawling under Farmer Brown’s fence,  disaster would strike. Disaster was headed not only for the little rabbits but for Farmer Brown as well. Some of the other animals knew what was going on,  but no one said anything because they were afraid of Farmer Brown’s bow & arrows and his gun. Once the older rabbits realized they needed help, they called the deer family. They knew deers liked cabbage, corn, tomatoes, and carrots as much as they did.  The old rabbits ask the fallow deer to dig a wider hole to make it convenient to get more rabbits in and out.  In that way, if Farmer Brown killed one rabbit, their losses would not be as great.

to be continued



















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