Part 1: Come with me to Dreamland

All alone in the Enchanted Forest since the death of her husband; Minerva sings:
I’m lonely by myself. A friend is what I need. Neither a flower nor a tree. Neither a butterfly nor a bee. But a friend is what I need.
As Minerva finishes her song, a faint knock is heard at the door. She continues to sing as the knock grows louder. Minerva opens the door and there stands Iris, an old woman with a beautiful shawl wrapped around her shoulder carrying a basketful of flowers in one hand and a walking cane in the other.
Minerva sounding joyously surprise, jerks her in and quickly closes the door. First taking a deep breath, then in an outburst Minerva exclaims: Oh do come in weary traveler and rest your tired exhausted soul. Oh please do come and rest your feet at my table. Iris takes off the shawl she has around her shoulder. Minerva takes the shawl Iris has on her shoulder and carefully hangs it on the garment rack. Minerva takes the basket of flowers and organizes them in a vase on the table. Afterwards, Minerva points to a chair at the table for Iris to take a seat.
Minerva sings: I am Happy
To be continued……..

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