Did You Know?

In some instances, when the goings get tough (tuff), the tough (tuff) gets going. Not always!!! There have been occasions when the goings got tough (tuff) and the lying started flowing. The tough hung around to see what the outcome was going to be. Run if you have done wrong. Run if you are about to get in hot waters when untruths are about to be told. Run when you walk blindly into a situation that no one told you exactly what the situation demand.
NBC has a program, “The More You Know”. Sometimes knowing is helpful, then again sometimes knowing can be harmful. It all depends on what it is you know. There are times you know something that you don’t know you know. That’s when people often expose themselves to everyone thinking someone knows something that they actually don’t know. At that juncture it becomes a catch 22-22 thing. Is it 22-22 or 20-20-? I don’t know!! I don’t care!!! I do find it a little amazing that I find it funny that someone thinks I have information I do not have. Apparently, it is information I don’t care to have. If I did not read it in the bible, you can be sure I will not repeat it.
When I was working, often I would be ask, have you heard this or that. Even if I had heard it, I would not repeat it. I realize now, some friends were trying to be helpful. They believed the lie as a truth.
On my Daddy’s letter head he always had this quote ” Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people”. Deliver me from small minded people. I will always strive to have a “great mind”.

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