Do Not Ignore your Dog

Do Not Ignore Your Dog

Tonight, on the January 3, 2015, the NBC 5:00 p.m. evening news here in Birmingham, Alabama reported a storm was sighted in Tuscaloosa County. That reminded me of an episode that happen to me several years ago.
I lay in bed all along because this happen after the disaster that had happened to my son and my husband. As I lay there, I could hear the torrent rains and the thundering noises. At that time I had only one dog. Months before I had two dogs. The brother to Bear had passed away due to a heart attack.
My two dogs were Bear and Soldier. Soldier was a boy and Bear was a girl. Dishon named Soldier because he had gone throw so much and still survived. Like all sisters, Bear loved her big brother. In spite of the fact Bear and Soldier’s mother did not care too much for Soldier. He was a little runt. She did not figure Soldier would survive. My son, Richard Dishon, took Soldier to the veterinarian for him to be nursed back to health. When he returned home I fed him a special formula. He became her most healthy child. Bear and Soldier were the only two of the litter I kept.
She howled at the wind until I got tired of hearing her howl. I figured she didn’t like the strong winds and she missed her brother. I got out of my bed and brought her in because I understood she did not like sever weather
She was placed in the den downstairs. I went back to bed. I am a dreamer and I was anxious to get back to my sweet dream when the covers were pulled off of me. I sat up to see Bear sitting on her hunches looking at me. I scold her as I took her back downstairs. Usually she was very obedient. I then got back in bed and drifted off when the covers were pulled off of me again. The second time I look up to see Bear, I thought she was lonely. At that time I decided to go downstairs with her to keep her from feeling lonely. The two of us got half way down the stairs when I heard a loud crashing sound. It sounded as though the winds had turned some of the furniture over. I wondered what had happened. However, I was not curious enough to go back and see what it was that I heard. I told myself I would find out what it was in the morning. We continued down the stairs and I slept on the couch and she slept on the floor.
The next morning it stopped raining and Brownie went outside. I started on my journey to my bedroom. When I arrived there I observed the shock of my life. A big tree was in my bed! Glass was all over the floor and a hole was in my closet.
I went outside and gave Bear a big hug. She saved my life!

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