Do WE Recognize Signs?

I was thinking back when my grand-daughter was three years old and still in kindergarten.  It was my day to pick her up after school. I decided that particular day was a good day to teach her the meaning of the traffic lights.

RED LIGHT, red light, what do you say?

I say stop and stop right away

YELLOW LIGHT yellow light, what do you mean?

I mean wait until the light turns green.

GREEN LIGHT, green light, what do you say?

I say GO, but first look both ways.

RED,YELLOW and GREEN, now I know what the traffic lights mean.

As we were riding along my grand-daughter started noticing other drivers.

With a perfectly air of disgust, she looked at me and said: the people in this city don’t know their signs and colors, Nana! I chuckled at what she said but I recognized there was a bit of truth in what she said.

Just the other day I was looking at the traffic light and thinking, it is a sign telling us when to go and when to stand still.  As Christians, we receive signs by reading the bible. It tells us when to go and when to stand still. Either the drivers don’t know their colors or they don’t recognize their meaning.  As christians , we want to go somewhere,  do something,  or get something and we don’t recognize the signs that God provides for us. The sign maybe GO and go right away. Then again the sign might say WAIT until I give you the green light. Then again the sign may say STOP and wait for a sign from me. Red, yellow and green, read your bible and know what the signs mean.

The Lord may give you a sign in a dream. In some instances the sign may come in a conversation.  The person talking may be unaware that he/she has just answered a prayer. Our physiologist  and our ministers are often helpful in working out our problems. They both ask questions to get to the root of the situation.  In the end, by saying the situation out loud in the presence of someone  else, we solve our own problem. I am not saying we don’t need the physiologist or the minister. We need them because the schools train the physiologist and the Lord trains ministers to ask the right questions. In some situations medications may be needed.  Whatever is needed, if we are in tune with the right signs, we will know when to stay, wait, or when to go.

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