Do We Still Need Black History?

Do we need a day, week, or  month set aside to study Black History?  Historians see the argument as pro and con. Some say there is a need regardless of what programs are put in place. Others auguramentively disagree. They auguementively believe Black History should be a part of American History Books. All of our outstanding achievements makers should just be integrated into the  fabric of the American History already  in existence.

Looking back over my life I can see how we as a nation have evolved. Just finishing high school is a milestone for many African Americans.  A significant portion of successful career planning for all races is having the skills that are in demand once the training is completed.  There lies the rub. Many high paying jobs often go to the relatives and friends of the employers. More than likely they are White.  It doesn’t matter how prepared the African American might be.  Many Blacks  who can produce significant worth to our nation are not permitted do so because of their skin color.  Many of our inventions have been given to other races. Then, there are those who in spite of their skin color, made it. They too are omitted in the traditional American History Books.

One would think, we as a race of people have contributed little or nothing to the success of our country.  Originally, most of our inventions were not recorded. That is the reason Black History day, week or month is necessary.

Others say, this is true. That is why the history books must change. All children must know we are great contributors.  The world must give due recognition  to all of the United States contributors.

Both sides make a great point.  Black History is needed and our history books need changing.  As a nation, we will continue to be great when all of our citizens are included.  We  (as Blacks)  are great, not just in music, movies and dance.

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