Don’t Forget To Reread!

I am working on something special for my young readers. During the month of February so much is going on. February is the month of Love, Presidents’ Day, Black History Month, Veterans Day, Groundhog Day and the start of Mardi Gras. It is the shortest month in the year, yet packed with so many holidays.

If you have not already ordered your copy of “The Humanoids” by Carrie Foxx Ware, LifeRich Publishing Company, do so today. I have discovered there are many books named “Humanoids”,  however, there is only one LifeRich Publishing Company with an author name Carrie Foxx Ware. I started to include my middle name “Bennette”,  then I discovered there are hundreds of “Bennette’s”.  I assumed I was unique, however, I am afraid I am not. All kinds of new and different things have shone up.


Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen,  always remember me, Carrie Bennette Foxx Ware. Friday night, February 21, 2020, here in Birmingham, Alabama, we were honored with a imposture concert of Micheal Jackson. He sang one of Micheal’s songs Billy Jean. To paraphrase the song, I am not the one. I want all of you to remember ” I am The One” especially who wrote  the sequel to “Fantasia, The Humanoid”  I guarantee less errors. By the way-her name is Fantasia Belle.

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