Elnora at age seventeen

Elnora at age seventeen
Lemon asks me to marry him now we were seniors in high school. I said let me discuss this with my parents. I do truly love you, but we are taking such a big step, I want to know how my parents feel about this engagement during our senior year in high school. I spoke with my parents as we sat down to eat. Momma and Dad just looked at one another. Little Earl asked to say grace. He prayed: Lord, don’t let my sister marry this creep. He is not sincere about marriage. He only wants to become engaged so he can be with her biblically. Now Lord, bless this food that is prepared for the nourishment of our bodies for Christ sake. Amen. After that blessing, we all ate in silence.
After dinner, Mom and I were washing dishes. Momma asked: Have you spoken to Aunt Mable about your great news? I replied, No I have not. Momma was not much for talking so she simply said: You might want to run your intentions by her. It just so happen Aunt Mabel dropped by on her way to the grocery store. Aunt Mabel wanted to know if Momma wanted her to pick anything up for her. Momma said no but Elnora had good news to share. At this time I told Aunt Mable about my intentions to marry Lemon. Aunt Mable said Sugar, that is great news. However, I do remember how crazy you were in the six grade when you thought Lemon was going with his next door neighbor. When you two kids go off to college, Lemon will be a basketball star. Girls will be all over him. By that time, you may be at home with a baby in arm and another one on the way. All I have to say good luck and God Bless.
The next day Lemon drove his Daddy’s old truck. He declared: I can’t wait until I get my scholarship money. I will buy a new car. I will be on a full basketball scholarship. I have also been offered money for my academic achievements. I can do whatever I want to do with that money.
Daddy walked in and asked Lemon where was he going to celebrate our engagement. Lemon told Daddy we were going to the Cooperfield Gardens. Daddy said: That’s a mighty fine restaurant. My wife and I have never been there. Honey, they are going to the Cooperfield Gardens. Honey , get dressed we are going with them. Lemon said: Oh, no, some other night . I have planned for this night to be special. Dad said: Oh, I don’t mean we will be riding with you. We will take our own car. In that way you can get back to the Pettaway’s house before it is too late and we can bring Elnora home for you, Lemon said: Oh no Sir, that is not what I had in mind. Dad said: Yes son, I know what you had in mind. Boy, the engagement is off. You are not marrying Elnora. Go Home!
Little Earl added: Don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you. Lemon protested: It is Elnora’s decision. Come on Elnora let’s go!
I was mortified. I loved my parents and I loved Lemon. I stood there with tears running down my cheeks. Lemon repeated: Come on Elnora, let’s go! My feet were frozen to the floor. I heard Lemon talking to me but I couldn’t move.
Lemon ran out the door, jumped in his Dad’s truck and took off as fast as he could drive. That was the last time I saw Lemon alive. I don’t know what happen next. When I woke up in the hospital, his neighbor next door to the people who wanted to adopt him, paid me a visit. Lemon had been buried. She said Lemon came by her house for comfort and asked her to take a ride with him. She had just broken up with her boyfriend and it was good to see an old familiar face. He was sad and so was she. Lemon’s whole conversation was about me. He had tears in his eyes and missed a curve in the road. Lemon was speeding at the time and the speed of the car threw her out. He lost control and ran into a building on 94th Street South. The car immediately burst into flames. Lemon did not have time to get out of the car and perished in the flames. After watching the car go up in flames she went into shock. An ambulance picked her up. She was treated for shock and released.
Later, my parents told me when I was told about what happen to Lemon, I passed out. I was taken to the hospital and I drifted off into a coma. There I remained until three weeks later. I can not remember any of that. The only thing I do know, the love of my life is gone.

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