Happy Days are Here Again!

After  many, many,  many attempts  to  be on my way  to become  publish, I have finally  arrived.

When I first started writing, a little more than fifty years ago, it was not for publication.  At that time, it was  only for making fun Of fairy tales. After my children were born,  I gave the old fairy- tales a new  twist. I must admit I was wrong. When you have something tried and true, don’t mess with it. This week I became a published author. Hip,hip hurrah! Its time to  pat myself on the back. Children are not so much interested In fairy tales any more, but they are interested in Sci-fi.

When I was a child, we had Super-Man and Bat-Man. Later there were Spider-Man, The Hulk,  Iron-Man  and others. However, there was a problem. Their names all ended with M A N.  Marvel Comic decided to rectify that problem by giving us Wonder-woman, Cat-woman. Super-girl and maybe a few Others. They all still had a problem. They were all Caucasoids.  Marvel Comics decided to create the Black Panther.

Now it Is Time to meet FANTASIA, a black  super herione.   After seeing The Black Panther, I wrote  her. The book Is called “The Humaniods” by Carrie Foxx Ware. You can find “The Humanoids” on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Books a Million or wherever books are sold.


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