Here you are!,

Yesterday I went to my mailbox. On my way, I  passed a thousand legged worm on my porch.  It was trying to get into my house. I’m sure the worm didn’t know I had placed myself on a self   impose quarantine. If the Thousand legged Worm had known, I’m sure he would  not have wanted to come in. I’m tired of staying in isolation.   I value my freedom.

The world is a strange  place to be. Until a cure or  some type of Medicine  to slow down The corovarius epidemic is  discovered,  I will be inside.  This virus Is a killer,  Many Of our young people feel they were  immuned. Now we Know that Is not true. We all have the  abillity to infect each other.  Today my Pastor ( who Is now my Bishop , said: only our Faith will get us through. His sermon was on Faith>fear.)  Of course we are to obey  the  rules of our city, state  and our federal governments.

You feel It Is similar  to the time you were in your parent’s house.   If you said mother, mother, may I go out t o play? She would say, no my child. I’m afraid you will stay.  Of course, we would not.  Today the young people on the beaches beleive themselves invincible.

They are determed to play as long as they want to. Not realizing they are putting themselves in danger as well as others. The thousand legged worm did not Know better. Those Of us who do, let us be considerate  of others.

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