I Must Say; It Is So

I Must Say, It Is So

I waited and waited until I was absolutely sure what I was thinking was true. Sadly for the perpetrators, I discovered I was not wrong. It seems someone has lead many of my malefactors to believe something untrue about me. I have tried to ignore some things but at this point I can’t. Without insulting the animal kingdom, someone thought I had the scruples of a “cat”
I called the computer repairman for some work I needed with my computer. The young man they sent seemed sensible enough until he started to get fresh. I told him my age hoping to deter him but he seem to get excited even the more. I write for this website called Foxxtales.net and I have a great need for my computer so I allowed him to set up skype. One day we were talking on skype and he showed his private part. At that, I said I would never use him again. Months went by and my money got funny. I had to call him again. He came but I warned him never to do that again. I am an old Christian woman and he showed a lack of respect.
He said okay. However, he felt it was my fault. He said I lead him to believe it was okay for him to do that. He thought I would feel safe if we were not in the same room. I apologized, but then I started to think. Other people come to my house to do work. Do I give give off the same vibe to them? I don’t think so. I believe he was encouraged to try that stupid stunt by someone else. Of course, he may have been that stupid on his own.
I am not trying to call anyone out. What is for them, is for them. I can’t do anything about it; neither do I wish to try. I just don’t want anyone saying or passing on any erroneous information about me.

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