I’m Back!

I’m back! I’ve missed you. I hope You have missed me.

While on my little hiatus, I was watching The View (One of my favorite shows). I heard the ladies discussing names they had seen on social media. A lady was complaining about a friend who was going to name or had already named her baby a name she had chosen (if she ever had a baby).
The ladies came to the conclusion that no one owned a name. People could name their babies anything they wanted to name them. There are some “stars” who name their babies after fruit and still others who name their babies after colors. That is their God given right.
Martin Luther King Jr.’s mother named him after the infamous, monk, priest, sixth century, church reformist, Martin Luther. That did not make King less famous.
When I discovered there were many Carrie Ware(s), I pitched a natural fit discovering there were other carrie ware(s) with ideas different from mine. Some had more exposure to life in général than a small town girl like myself. There were Carrie Ware’s who believe in swapping mates. There were others who be lived there is no God. There were Carrie Ware(s) with a host of ideas I do not share. There were still others who hailed The same domain name as mine. I wish those Carrie Ware(s) would share their finances with me. There are people who think I am getting  her money. Needless to say, I am NOT!
That foxxtales does not share one iota of shares with me.

P.S. Upon re-interring the topic arena, I Will still engagé in topics that intérest both children as well as adults. None-the-less, I havé decided to published only once per month unless I’m doing a story for children. Children have a need to know how a story ends more quickly than adults. If I share an adult story, I’ll do the same. In spite of the fact I have never published an adult story in “foxxtales.net”.   Adults, I may surprise you!!!

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