Is The NBC Wrangler Spoiled?


Is The NBC Wrangler Spoiled?
I say Wrangler is a spoiled brat. No, I am wrong. Wrangler is not a spoiled brat. Wrangler is a spoiled dog. I have never seen Wrangler doing anything but wagging his tail and making cozy with the crowd. What is he there for? What is he supposed to do? What is his job? How long does his internship last? Give me Wrangler’s job. I can do better than Wrangler.
Those things made me think of my dog. I live alone and my dog is my best friend. Each morning when I sit down to eat breakfast he knocks on the door and asks for his meal for the day. I must feed him before I eat. Not only does he want his dogfood but he demands a rub before eating. To me that’s a little unfair. There is no one here to give me a rub. He certainly can’t. He is just like the NBC dog Wrangler. He is just here, good for wasting my money on  food & water. He gives me something to do. I go outside and scoop up his doggy excrement so he will not become a nuisance to the neighbors.
He goes to the veterinarian, more money. He barks at the garbage truck, headache. He barks at the mailman, more headaches. He barks at other dogs, more and more headaches. One afternoon he was useful. I heard him barking while I was trying to take an afternoon nap. He continued barking and would not stop. I shouted at him to be quite to no avail. Eventually, I got up to see what he was barking at. A large snake was in my yard and Mo had him at bay. I was so excited I called 411. The operator told me to hang up and call 911. I called 911 the Police Department told me they did not take care of snakes. They informed me to hang up and call Animal Control. I was about to hang up and call Animal Control when a nice Birmingham Police said never mind. He had lived on a farm and was not afraid of snakes. He came and Mo kept barking. The seven foot long snake got sick of Mo and started jumping at him. I yelled for Mo to leave the snake alone. Neither Mo nor the snake paid me any attention. Finally when the snake was tried out, the policemen picked him up and tossed him into the woods. The policemen told me to get some lime and put around my house so the snake would not come back. I did not want to kill the snake but I didn’t want him in my house. Tell Wrangler there are no snakes at NBC other than the two footed ones. He is free to leave whenever he gets ready. I am sure someone will adopt that spoiled dog. Now, I am not sure if those two footed snakes work at NBC or not. They may be hanging around there after Wrangler’s job. Maybe Wrangler needs to sleep with one eye open.
Let him know Mo and me will watch out for him. Mo will keep the snakes at bay while I call the Control Center. I can’t leave Mo here by himself. He needs me to feed, water, rub and pick up his feces.

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