It’s Hard To Stop A Train

Whether the train is a locomotive or a train of thought, it’s hard to stop a train. There are many books out there that teach people how to train their minds for success. Some of them are very successful. Some are not. It’s up to the individual if he wants to change his/her way of thinking or not.
Perhaps, there is an underlining cause that the writer is unaware of that causes he/she to think the way he/she does. Everyone is saying all he/she has to do is stop thinking a particular way. It is easier said than done. If one gives in to one foolish thought, another is sure to follow. At that point, a thinking person gives up.
In some cases someone or some entity on the same team is undermining the instructor’s message. This entity or someone thinks they will be replaced. Not so, they truly believe they will lose. Most often, the student just wants to get on with their life. They want no parts of the little games being played by the big fish. Even if it means they will end up on the losing end of the pole. It’s better to get into heaven with one limb wobbling than to go to hell with two strong limbs.
In many situations the directives or dictates of the leader is no longer in the hands of the leader. It is the case of the tail wagging the dog. The trouble in some cases is closer than the leader suspects.
It is only what I believe. I have not done a scientific study of my opinions. It is not fact. Sometimes, what I believe is the fact. I don’t know. We will just have to wait and see.
As in Mendelssohn’s song he wrote from his “Oratorio, Elijah”,