Last addendum to Elnora (age six)

Monday after Spring Break
The day after Spring Break we returned to school. That evening an exceptionally terrifying thing happened to Peggy and me. Bay Brother told us to come on home with him, but Peggy didn’t want to listen and I wanted to do anything Peggy said. The sky turned a bunch of weird colors. Then it turned a bright orange color. The color of the sky made the flowers in an empty field strikingly beautiful, we just had to pick some of those flowers. Finally it started to rain. Just a few drops at first then it poured down. George’s dad, Uncle Hosea, became worried and sat out to look for us. When it started to rain hard, Peggy and I scurried home. The newscaster said it was a spring tornado. Unfortunately, we never heard from George’s Dad again. The family examined thoroughly every corner. We searched and searched carefully every ditch and valley possible. At first, we hoped to come across Uncle Hosea alive, as weeks turned into months, we wanted to find his body so the family could bury it. Nevertheless, we found nothing. Aunt Ruby (his wife) never said anything to us about the incident, but we felt she never forgave us. Dad said he believed his brother was alive somewhere with amnesia. Mom said either that or he just got tired of living with so many children.

We had to go to school
At school, we always had a snack after naptime. When we woke, the teacher gave us an apple and a box of cow’s milk. At first. I would give my cow’s milk away because Daddy told me cow’s milk did not taste good. That is what Daddy had taught us to believe. One day, I taste the cow’s milk. It was actually good and delicious too. I went home and told daddy he lied. Papa sent me to get a limb from the tree. Mother did not approve of what daddy was about to do. After all, he had lied. Children should acquiesce to their parents but parents should not provoke their children. It says so in the Bible. Ephesians 6:4 Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instructions of the Lord. However in Ephesians 6:1-3 Children, obey your parents; this is the right thing to do because God has placed them in authority over you. Honor your father and mother. This is the first of God’s Ten Commandments that ends with a promise. Daddy should have said: We have goats and goat’s milk taste good to me. Instead of a whipping, we had a long talk. Eventually Daddy said: Elnora, when you know you are right, don’t let anybody talk you into a wrong opinion. Be a person people can trust. Don’t cry wolf, wolf when there is no wolf around. That lesson I will always remember.
School was ending and summer was beginning. Little Peggy was off to summer camp. I ask my Mom if I could go with Peggy. Momma said no. My teacher said if it was money keeping me from going, she would pay. I don’t know why Momma said no. I was scared for life. Momma still said no. That did not stop my creative mind. I went out in the woods and found a frog. I kept him until near the end of the school year. Later I found a little black snake. Mom made me get rid of the frog and the snake.
The last day of school a puppy followed me home. Mother allowed him to stay. However I was told if someone came looking for him, I had to let him go. I named him Lucky. Luckily, no one came. It was scorching hot again in Alabama. Over the Summer I turned seven. Being a six year old Black Girl in Alabama wasn’t that bad. I was looking forward to becoming seven. P.S. I can tell how that puppy just happens to follow me home. I threw bits of my lunch on the trail to my house.
To Be continued–

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