Lion King Rudy’s Jungle

Part 1: Lion King Rudy’s Jungle


Lion King Rudy was King of Central Jungle and his wife, Lioness Stella, was Queen of the jungle. Together, they had the most prosperous jungle in fairy jungle land. Their ruling confused many rulers because they could see no proof of coercion or force of any kind. All the inhabitants were obedient. From time to time, the hyenas would give the other kings trouble.

Lion King Rudy’s jungle was always productive.  All Majesty Ale sent Wise Old Owl to King Rudy’s jungle. Of course, the king of Premier Jungle did well and the King of Ultimate Conclusive Jungle did well also. However,  none came close to functioning as well as the Central Jungle under the guidance of King Rudy. Anyone who came close to functioning as well as the Central Jungle  often disappeared. The Almighty Majesty  never explains to Owl the urgency for going to King Rudy’s Jungle. All Majesty told Owl, he would discover why once he got there.

King Rudy had heard of infinite wisdom and he desired it. When Wise Old Owl came to Central Jungle,  he exuded  traits of having infinite wisdom. King Rudy tried to take it from Wise Old Owl.  Wise Old Owl did not know what King Rudy wanted but he was not giving up anything. King Rudy tried all of the old tricks on Owl, but they did not work. King Rudy decided to subdue Owl in order to master Owl’s powers. King Rudy told everyone Old Owl was a wise old Owl of infinite wisdom and without knowing what King Rudy said, Queen Stella told everyone  Owl was an idiot. Everyone in the jungle believed Queen Stella.  Everyone agreed no jungle inhabitant  possess infinite powers. Not only that, Owl was an old owl and did not hear very well. His lack of hearing caused many of the inhabitants to believe Owl was an idiot. Instructed to go left, often he would go right. The Lion King Rudy’s followers tried to believe him, but there were times they themselves felt a little ludicrous trying to justify his behavior. In order to keep anyone from saying or thinking too badly  about him/her, in spite of his/her better judgement, they too joined in the laughter at old owl expense. Old Owl received the butt end of many jokes. Lion King Rudy could not understand what was going wrong in his kingdom. His kingdom had always operated with proficiency. Everyone said: It’s Owl fault. Since the arrival of Owl, our jungle has been in turmoil. Let us get rid of Owl.


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