Looking For The Right Fit

Looking For The Right Fit


Once upon a time, there was a fish who lived in the river with his Mom, Dad, and little Sister. They were a happy little family. Mom took care of the children while Dad swam off to work. Everything appeared to be going well until it was time for brother fish to go to school. Brother fish was a mother’s boy and he did not want to leave home and go to school. He could not deny he was the right age for school.  Neither could he deny the fish courts had zoned him for that school. Reluctantly he went to school.

A couple of months went by and brother fish complained to his parents he didn’t like school. His mother in a very delicate voice asked brother what was wrong with the school. Brother fish replied I don’t fit in. The teacher and all of my classmates look different. Brother could not deny they served good food for lunch. They played most of the same games he played at recess and they took lots of good field trips. Dad asked: Son, what is there not to like? Mother said: Ah, Dad, I’ll go ask his teacher what is wrong.

The very next day Mother got very busy doing things mother fish do. Near the end of the day, mother fish realized she had not done what she told brother fish she would do. Mother fish picked up the fish telephone and called the central office. Mother fish had not told brother fish but she was not happy with the school either.  The Big Fish in charge said he had gone by the school and discovered some of the same problèms himself. He advised mother fish to change schools. Mother fish asked: Can  I do that?  The courts ordered Brother to attend this school. Big fish said: Don’t worry, I’ll let the other school know he is coming. I will work everything out with the courts. Take brother out immediately. Don’t let that school damage his self-esteem. Mother said: Yes Sir, I will.

The very next day, brother was taken out of his old school and placed in another school. From that day on, Mother heard no complaints from Brother. Dad said I’m going to the new school and discover for myself what is so good about the new school. Dad went and came home with good news for Mother. Dad discovered they were all goldfish like the family. Next year when little sister gets ready for school, she will go to the goldfish school.  He was in a school of Cods. Now he is in a school of goldfish.

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