Mother’s Day (Miracle Day)

Sunday April 13, 2018 was Mother’s Day.  A friend came by my house last Wednesday to give me a Mother’s Day Card. I read the card without my glasses. I thought it said “Wishing you joy, love, happiness on this miracle day”.  Happy Mother’s Day! After putting on my glaises,  I reread the card. It read “Wishing you joy, love happiness on this special day”! Happy Mother’s Day! I don’t know why I exchange miracle for special , but I am glad I did. Motherhood will always be a miracle.

My birth was a miracle. I was born at Mercy Hospital in Gadsden, Alabama, a Catholic Hospital.   At that time, seventy -five years ago, everything in Alabama was segregated.  My mother was having a difficult time giving birth. Her doctor, could do no more for her so he called in the Priest to give my mom Last Rites. When the Rites began , the head doctor walked by the door and asked what were they doing.  Dr. Townsen, my Mom’s Doctor  explained they were giving my Mom her Last Rites;  because she could not give birth and the proper facilities for giving birth was on the white women’s side. Even if the proper facilities had been on the black women’s side, he could not do the surgery because he was only a GP. The Head Doctor said: Prep the patient for surgery.  The Priest protested: Where will the surgery be done and who will do the surgery? The Head

Doctor said the surgery would take place in the surgery room and he would do the surgery.

An Hour latter, I was born. The head doctor stick her so smoothly other doctors never new my mom had  surgery. THAT my friends was à true  miracle.

Boys and girls, women ans men, love your mother. You only get one.    Those of you who are Lucky to be an adoptéd child, love your Mom too.  She did not have to take you home with her.  She did because she really wanted you.

Love Is what Love  Does.  I sincérly wish all Of you had a Happy Mircale Day!

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