Mrs. Brown Bear Saved $.25

Mrs. Brown Bear Saved $.25


One rainy day, Little Mrs. Brown Bear went shopping. Little Mrs. Brown Bear bought a smart petite pretty pink bathing suit for her grand daughter and a   handsome pair of swim trunks for her grandson. On her way home, Brown Bear decided to stop at the market to purchase a gallon of milk. Her daughter and her husband with their children were coming by for the weekend.

She only needed a gallon of milk; but when Mrs. Brown  got to the store she met Mrs. Big Black Bear. Mrs. Big Black Bear looked up at the sky as she exited the store  and said: Here, Mrs Brown Bear, take my buggy. It is raining too hard for you to stand in this rain trying to get a buggy.  Little Mrs. Brown Bear didn’t need a buggy. Brown Bear only went in for one gallon of milk.  It was one of those markets were you pay $.25 in advance for your buggy and you get your money back when you return your buggy.

Little Mrs. Brown  Bear didn’t know what to say. Little Brown Bear only went in for a gallon of milk for her company. Brown Bear was a little intimidated by Mrs. Black Bear. So in a quite little voice, Mrs. Brown Bear  said: Thank you.

Little Mrs. Brown Bear thought since I have this buggy I might as well fill it up. Mrs. Bear got her milk and some extra eggs too. Her son-in-law might want to make a couple of omelets. Little Brown Bear saw some crackers and decided to get them because her grandchildren liked crackers. Little Mrs. Brown Bear bought as many different kinds of crackers the market sold.  Mrs. Bear passed the fruit stand and decided to get apples, oranges, bananas, peaches, grapes and a nice watermelon. Mrs. Bear passed the frozen department and decided to get pizza and strawberry ice cream. Little Mrs. Brown Bear, couldn’t get out of the market without passing the candy display. She grabbed some Hersey bars, peanut brittle candy bars and a few packages of  skittles. By all means Little Mrs. Brown Bear had to get some M&M for herself. She loved M&M candies the most.

By that time the rain stopped. Her basket was full. Little Brown Bear paid a lot of money for her basket full of groceries, but she saved .25 cents

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