Mrs. Morrow’s Bad Day

Mrs. Morrow arrived at school early that rainy Monday  morning to meet her kindergarten t’y class. Besson was  The

first student to meet her there that rainy morning. He lived close to  school and enjoyed  walking in  the rain. With great  excitement,  he told Mrs. Morrow he attended her Church yesterday.  That news was the greatest news Mrs. Morrow had heard since  she  heard of scliced  bread. Mrs. Morrow asked did he remember anything from church. Besson told her, yes, I remembered everything.  The Pastor talked about the Lord and chez-it.

Mrs. Morrow smiled as she said it was the first Sunday. You mean The Lord and Jesus. Besson said NO. I mean The Lord and Chez-it. Mother always said a Little wine and Cheese always made her happy.  The preacher didn’t have any Cheese so he served wine and chez-it.  He talked about  the Lord and chez-it.

Mrs. Morrow didn’t want to take time from her other students so she dismiss Besson’s story and asked Betty to lead the plege to the flag .  Arthur protested, must we plege again to Richard Stand. Mrs. Morrow asked Arthur who was Richard Stand? Arthur said you Know. We always plege allegiance to the flag and to the Republic for Richard Stand.  Mrs. Morrow sighed, shook her head then Betty lead the pledge without incidence Mrs. Morrow later explained to  Arthur we pledge allegiance to  The flag Of the United States and to the republic “for which it stands”.

After devotion, shy Harold, speeking softly, asked Mrs. Morrow could he tell her something.  Mrs. Morrow needed a  nice  little diversion . Up to that point her day had been pretty chaotic.  She replied, yes Harold , you can tell me  anything. Harold wispered, he too went to Mrs. Morrow’s Church yesterday. This made Mrs. Morrow really happy. Harold and his familly were  homeless. If they joined the Church, perhaps the Church would help them purchase a home   Mrs.. Morrow genly asked would they come again. Harol said he  didn’t think so. Their service frighten him. Mrs.Morrow asked: how so? Little Harol said: well, the praise team at the beginning of service, I like. The dance team, I Liked. The preacher’s sermon, I liked. Mrs. Morrow asked: what about our Church you did not like? Harol said:  After he preached,  the people and the preacher sang a songs called Amazing Grace. It was o’k until they sang about  that cross eyed-bear. Mrs. Morrow said: I don’t remember  anything about a cross-eyed bear. Oh, yes : replied Harol: that creative cross-eyedbear until death shall set me free. I don’t think I’ll be back. I can’t out run that cross eyed-bear!   Mrs. Morrow pleaded with Harol to come back . She told him the song said”the consecreated cross I’ll bear until death shall  set me free”.

Two teachers  passed Mrs. Mrrow’s door. They looked in a saw Mrs. Morrow at her desk looking dumbfonded. They told each other rainy days and Mondays always get Mrs. Morrow down.




























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