My Heart Is Broken

My Heart Is Broken

I tried hard not to share this with everyone but I discovered I
could not keep this to myself. Mœ died. My heart Is broken because I have lost my best friend. Moe’s friendship was unconditional. Regardless of how my day had been, at the end of the day,I knew I could come home to a true friend. I have been busy trying to downsize. My house was placed up for sale and the realtor asked what did I plan to do With Mœ. He was an outside dog. Jokingly, I said I would put Mœ down. Mœ tourned and Looked at me as If He understood what I said. The sad look on his face was a look I Will never forget.
The next Day I called Mœ for his supper and He did not come. I went out into the Yard and found him sick. Mœ was a Big dog and I could not Pick him up. I called a friend but he said let’s wait until in the morning and take him to the vet. The next morning Mœ was dead.
I have heard of people grieving over their animales but I always thought that was a joke. People grieve about other People. They do not grieve about their pets. I found myself doing just that.  Eating too Much Is a form of grieving.

I Know I am not suppose to eat ice-cream, but I found myself craving just that.

My neighbors miss him too. When ever, someone came around that did not belong in this neighborhood, Mœ would alarm us.

Mœ, you may be gone, but you are not forgotten.

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