MY Heart Scare

My Heart Scare

Thursday night, November 20, 2014, I lay in bed and a sudden jerk of pain hit my thigh then my knee. I prayed and ignored the pain because I knew the next day would be Friday my day to deliver Meals on Wheels, something I have grown to love. The next day the pain had not gone away but I remembered my husband had a Kane before his death. I hurried and found his Kane. I was not about to let a little pain stop me from doing what I loved to do. Also, I remembered talking to a classmate who lives in Ohio. She told me she had to walk with a Kane and her friends up there told her she did not need her Kane. She told me she told them if they were ashamed to walk with her, just to go on. There was no shame in her Kane. I laughed. At the time, needing a Kane was as far from my mind as the earth is from Mars.
With the aid of my Kane, I went through my daily routine without a hitch. That afternoon, I called my friend in Ohio and told her I had hot news. I am sure she thought I had heard some juicy news from our hometown that I couldn’t wait to share. I wanted to tell her, I too used a Kane. I’m sure I disappointed her with my news.
I went ahead with my day until I remembered I needed to go to the bank and take care of some business. That is when I miss my husband the most. During his lifetime, I could just say I haven’t taken care of this or that. Would you please take care of it? There was no one to tell do this or that, therefore I had to do it myself.
I went to the bank and near the conclusion of my business not only were my hip and my knee hurting but I also had chest pains. At that time I figured maybe I should see a doctor. I knew the Doctor’s Office would be closed. I left the Bank and went straight to Emergency. The Emergency was full to capacity. There were cripple people, car accidents, some had coughs or pneumonia, headaches and upon my entrance all sorts of ailments. Good for me and Blue Cross/ Blue Shield the wait was not as long as for some of the others. I had a friend who was upset because I had PEEHIP supplied by Blue Cross/ Blue Shield. I worked for 26 years with the City Board of Education for Insurance with Blue Cross/ Blue Shield. Her children had to pay for their own insurance. They owned their own business. They chose not to work for someone else. Every day we make choices.
Emergency admitted me into the hospital. Saturday afternoon I was released with instructions to follow up with my personal physician. The hospital run all sorts of test on me but was unable to find the source of my pain. I am not supper woman. I believe the culprit of my distress will be found, because our Father who art in Heaven gives us doctors and the sense to pray. He also gives us sense to know when to use each. Of course we must always pray and not faint. Even though I sometimes wonder what it is like having the powers of a Wonder Woman? It would be nice if she were real.
Here recently, in 2016 I have been in a small study group called LIFE taught by our ministers in training. When we have aches and pains, it may be nothing or it could be God asking for our attention.

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